Samantha Thickasabrick

When Samantha Thickasabrick wrote her now infamous piece for the Daily Mail about how strong men go all gooey  at her dazzling beauty, I  really enjoyed it. It was so refreshing to hear from a woman on the The Mail’s pages who doesn’t think that she is too fat, too old, too dry skinned or frizzy haired and,  what’s more, considers her bum to be perfectly lovely.

Today though she has tipped up in the Daily Mail again saying that certain women are ‘too ugly’ for TV. Now she has lost all her dopey charm for me. In particular Samantha slags  the brilliant historian Professor Mary Beard for being unattractive.

Ms Brick  is obviously cashing in on her current notoriety but should think twice about writing such vapid vitriol about a highly educated TV presenter who is currently pulling in 1.9 million viewers per episode of ‘Meet The Romans’ on BBC2.

It’s one thing being a self elected one time only national joke on the pages of the Mail in return for a few bob, but another altogether taking the golden shilling to become their regular stoopid female assassin.



3 comments to Samantha Thickasabrick

  • I just read her piece about Mary Beard, and lost all sympathy with her. She’s not exactly what I’d call a ‘woman’s woman’ and I know who I’d much rather watch and listen to.

  • Oh Goodness has she been at it again?! I’m over there now to take a look – I can’t believe I’m not paying for all this entertainment!!

  • I agree Karen. Her daft article about being drop dead gorgeous made me smile but the one about Mary Beard being ‘too ugly’ made me seethe.

    Jane, sad thing is that SHE is getting paid for this attacking writing!

    Anna Mayx