Albania and Belly Buttons

I am weak with laughter after watching the Albanian Eurovision entry. The singer looks like she is wearing a double duvet cover and is balancing a tabby cat on her head.

And she is shrieking almost as loud as I did earlier tonight when a moth dive bombed my belly button when I was […]

Mad Women

It’s taking me fifteen minutes or less each week to watch Mad Men because I am fast forwarding through all the dreary bloke stuff and only watching the bits that Peggy, Betty and Joan are in.

A friend has dubbed Megan, Don’s new wife, Freddie because she is a Freddie Mercury looky-likey, but my remote […]


I dropped a tissue onto the stair carpet yesterday and my youngest daughter panic-screamed from her bedroom, “BE QUIET!”

My husband and I are communicating by email or text even though we are sat on the same sofa, the dog is wearing a gag and I am rendezvous-ing with our postman on the street corner […]

Stone Me Times Three

The good news I that I have lost three stone and have to buy new clothes because my old ones don’t fit. The bad news is that I am still fat and am still not able to enjoy cheese with gay abandon. Which brings me to a joke my friend e-mailed me today…..

How do […]

Yellow and Orange and Itching

This weekend:

I heard on the radio that if you feed a canary red pepper it will turn orange. This could be big and very good news for the cast of The Only Way is Essex.

I saw Hannah on The Voice last night. The poor girl did some gruesome bumping and grinding as she […]

Samantha Thickasabrick

When Samantha Thickasabrick wrote her now infamous piece for the Daily Mail about how strong men go all gooey at her dazzling beauty, I really enjoyed it. It was so refreshing to hear from a woman on the The Mail’s pages who doesn’t think that she is too fat, too old, too dry skinned or […]