War of the Roses

A lovely friend did my daughter and I a MASSIVE favour recently and I decided to  send her flowers.

I chose a chi-chi florist with a wingadingadingdong website, picked  a gorgeous hand tied bunch and then  called with specific instructions about when to deliver them .  The girl at the florist sounded terminally bored with me as soon as she’d got my credit card details. I was still saying goodbye and thankyou when she put the phone down on me.

48 hours later the flowers hadn’t turned up as arranged. My friend ended up going door to door in her street hunting for her ‘surprise’ hand tied bouquet in creamy neutrals.  I told her to remember everyone was a suspect.

I called the  florist again. They put me on hold and their wait music was the death march or something very like it.Then Leonard Cohen’s twin sister came on the line again. I explained I’d paid for flowers that hadn’t turned up and what was she going to do about it?  In a series of impatient sighs she replied. Yes she’d delivered them. No she couldn’t help if they’d gone to the wrong address and isn’t life a bitch?

Stepdancing on the spot with rage I persuaded her to think again. She grudgingly offered to leave some flowers on my friends doorstep later in the day as a’ goodwill gesture’. I told her that my friend would be away for a fortnight so that wasn’t a plan, and that I wanted a refund instead.

“No refund but tell your friend  it’s the thought that counts” were her sage words.

The War of the Roses has commenced………




3 comments to War of the Roses

  • Ginny Willis

    Do you think it was one of those con websites. You must report them to your credit card company. How dare they treat you like that……..

    Is there a space on their website for feedback?

  • “Leonard Cohen’s twin sister came on the line again”

    LOL. The best line I’ve read in yonks! The good Mr T listens to Leonard Cohen. I cannot stand him. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  • Ginny good point about the feedback thing, will go and have a look…..

    Jane, so glad you got the message!

    Anna May x