Sweet Lies and Lots of Love

Basil Cake is how I’ve stored the name of the guy who runs the coffee shop at my gym and makes sensational  cakes. I ordered two –  a bakewell tart and an orange cake as dessert for visitors who came to dinner yesterday evening.

Of course I fannied about with some icing sugar just before I served the cakes to give every impression that I had made them myself. I even muttered something about my pastry being so light thanks to a combination of cold fingertips and hot ovens.  My delicious lie was going down a treat until my daughter came home early from a night out and announced to my guests that I must be the only person who goes to the gym to get her cake. How we laughed……..

I did consider getting a cake to celebrate my 30 year wedding anniversary this week – but decided that no treat, even after three decades,  could be better than just looking over at my husband and hearing him laugh.

And if that’s too soppy for you, get over it. We got married the day before his 23rd birthday and each year since I have told him that I am his birthday present. I am not sure if he is convinced yet. In truth he has been, and always will be, my gift.


4 comments to Sweet Lies and Lots of Love

  • sarah davis

    Your daughter sounds like mine!
    The cake would have to be black and burnt or uncooked in the middle before i could pass it off as one that i had made! Happy anniversity and what more can you husband wish for!
    Sarah xx

  • Julie

    sounds like you were rumbled with the cake – fancy having your very own cake maker called Basil – how trendy is that! Perhaps he can bake a cake that you ca burst out of to celebrate your anniversary – that would be something.

  • Ginny Willis

    It reminds me of a friend who took a shop sponge cake to a cake sale one year and was told they only wanted home made ones. Next year she took a shop bought one and iced it herself. The comments she received were very complimentary! What a difference a bit of icing makes!!

  • Sarah, I am sure your cakes are lovely. In fact ALL cakes are lovely…..

    Julie, I quite fancy the idea of a Tra La! out of a cake moment.

    Ginny, that story proves we eat with our eyes!

    Anna May x