Socks and Shareholders

I bought a bra from Marks and Spencer that was such a tight fit it reminded me of that party game where you have to put a blown up  balloon into a sock against the clock.  Yes indeedy, in my family we really do know how to enjoy ourselves…..

The bra had been ordered online and and I opted to collect it in store to save on delivery charges.  I picked it up and after trying it on at home realised it was a dismal failure so took it back to the store where I had originally collected it from for a refund.  This particular M&S branch sells undies, clothes, shoes and handbags –  but told me they couldn’t return my money because the bra wasn’t an item they held in stock.  The Manager confided he has dealt with hundreds of similar complaints, and then he told me what he had told all the other irate customers – go away.

I huffed home and called M&S Customer Services, they sympathised and offered to send out a courier  to fetch my bra  and transport it back to their warehouse. I asked if there could please be outriders around the courier’s van, but the lady on the ‘phone didn’t get the joke.

I am very happy about a lot of things at the moment, and one of them is that I don’t have any M&S shares.

4 comments to Socks and Shareholders

  • Julie

    Shame on M&S – it makes a right laugh of its online shopping push. Imagine the carbon footprint of sending a courier for your bra – a boobie prize to M&S for this. if they deivered it to the store I can’t work out how they can’t take it back – what a poor customer experience.

  • Ginny Willis

    You can’t beat Rigby and Peller for customer service can you? (A reminder of your ‘bra fitting’ blog). xx

  • What a ridiculous carry on! If they’ve had hundreds of similar complaints you’d think they’d do something about it.

  • Julie, boobie prize! Hahaha!

    Ginny, that’s th thing about the R&P bras,they’re made of tough stuff and will outlive me.

    Karen, it hasn’t put me off on-line shopping. I loooooveit!

    Anna May x