Lunges,Lemon Cake and Dull Don Draper

This week:

I was convinced I burst a blood vessel behind my eye doing an exercise class when I got a stabbing pain every time I bent down to touch my toes. Turns out the under-wire from my bra had burst out with the sheer exertion of it all, and was stabbing me in the closed eye every time I lunged forward.

I went to my local cinema to see the live streaming from the National Theatre of the play  ‘She Stoops to Conquer’. It was packed out and when I got to my pre booked and numbered seat there was a man, aged at least 110, with a zimmer frame sat in it. What would you do?

I ordered a lemon cake, a bakewell tart and 2 banana cakes to take to the healthy eating spa hotel where I will be spending Easter.

I watched the first two Episodes of Mad Men and spent more time fast forwarding than enjoying it. Ditto Scott and Bailey.

I am NOT a scrubber, at least according to the Daily Express. Here’s my recent article about how I am proud not to be a Domestic Goddess

I plan to have an amazing Easter break and wish the same for anyone reading this – may your lips be coated in top quality chocolate and your weekend full of sunshine.

Happy Easter! xxx






9 comments to Lunges,Lemon Cake and Dull Don Draper

  • Julie

    I wouldn’t move a 110 year old man PROVIDED there were other seats i could sit in. If there weren’t I’d turf him out of his seat or sit behind him and talk so loudly that he moved then I’d slip into MY seat – simple as that! Have a “egg-cellent” Easter!

  • Looks like the 110 year-old man disguise worked again.

  • Debbie

    Would that be your very expensive Rigby & Peller bra? If so, take it back.

    Have a great Easter break and enjoying the healthy cake.. I mean food!

  • Jan

    Yeah I agree, you can’t turf out a 110 year old man. If he had been 109 on the other hand…

    I’m hoping Mad Men improves. Definitely a wobbly start. Have you ever seen the Peter Sellers movie “The Party” because that’s what it reminded me of only without the jokes.

    Have a good Easter x

  • Mmmm, cake. Great idea!

    The underwire thing is so funny. My underwire squeaks if I exercise. It’s its way of telling me not to bother, I think.

    Have a great Easter, girl 🙂

  • Loved your article. I have a ‘pastry-brush’ friend, who popped round unexpectedly the other day and I could sense her itching to get it out and tackle … well, everything really. I normally need a week’s notice before she visits, so I can at least create the illusion of domestic-goddesstry, but now she’s seen the place in all it’s unglory, I can finally drop the act.

    Haven’t seen new Mad Men yet – I’ll be gutted if it’s not stupendous.

    Have a lovely Easter 🙂

  • Loved your article in the Express Anna, housework is not my forte either, I do enough to keep things ticking over… Washing windows?? WHY???!

  • Just read your book in one sitting last night in bed. I absolutely love reading and this is the first book in a very long time that I can seriously say I thoroughly enjoyed. Oh my god, I was with you all the way, sat there with you on the boat, in school at home on holidays. I laughed and cried with you throughout, and no I’m not usually moved to write to authors, but honestly this is brilliant!! Well done and thank you. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Anna May

    Julie, there is a flaw in your plan – at 110 he probably wouldn’t hear you!

    Anny – yep you’re probably right I am a sucker…..

    No Debbie, that bra only comes out on high days and holidays and otherwise lives in my drawer wrapped in tissue paper tied with a satin ribbon.

    Jan, Don’s new wife is peeing me off – I want Betty back.

    Nuala, have a great Easter yourself!

    Karen, a big hello to a fellow slattern.

    Welcome Alex – I have a friend who washes her windows every day….

    Gemma, it means so much that you took the trouble to get in touch about ‘Me and Mine’. Thank you and I am thrilled you enjoyed it.

    Anna May x