Mrs Wally Found Susan

So there I am, sat behind a pile of my books doing a signing at a literary event. I have the essentials to hand ; water, banana, lipstick. Yes, I did forget the pen, but that was soon rectified by a generous book buyer.

Mostly I have a great chat with all the lovely people […]

War of the Roses

A lovely friend did my daughter and I a MASSIVE favour recently and I decided to send her flowers.

I chose a chi-chi florist with a wingadingadingdong website, picked a gorgeous hand tied bunch and then called with specific instructions about when to deliver them . The girl at the florist sounded terminally bored with […]

Socks and Shareholders

I bought a bra from Marks and Spencer that was such a tight fit it reminded me of that party game where you have to put a blown up balloon into a sock against the clock. Yes indeedy, in my family we really do know how to enjoy ourselves…..

The bra had been ordered online […]

Sweet Lies and Lots of Love

Basil Cake is how I’ve stored the name of the guy who runs the coffee shop at my gym and makes sensational cakes. I ordered two – a bakewell tart and an orange cake as dessert for visitors who came to dinner yesterday evening.

Of course I fannied about with some icing sugar just before […]

Lunges,Lemon Cake and Dull Don Draper

This week:

I was convinced I burst a blood vessel behind my eye doing an exercise class when I got a stabbing pain every time I bent down to touch my toes. Turns out the under-wire from my bra had burst out with the sheer exertion of it all, and was stabbing me in the […]