Cold Bananas and Crushes

I went to see Love Song at The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith on Saturday evening and did several gear changes from cynical to curious to mesmerised to bawling crying over the 90 minute show.

My emotions in the theatre moved  lot faster than the car did on the way home through the snow, but I was ready to queue because I was in smug ownership of the three essential B’s for getting stranded on the road ; a bucket, a blanket and bananas.

Back to the theatre – when the curtain came down I staggered weeping out of the auditorium looking like Alice Cooper’s twin and  walked straight into my long-time secret  TV crush – Alistair Littleton from ‘Escape to the Country’. Because the play had left me such an emotional wreck  I actually reached out to him with both arms. I’m not sure but I think I wanted a hug or a bit of a neck nuzzle. I had tissues in both hands and an ugly crying face.

Alistair looked disturbed and swerved me while my husband looked on with an oh so familiar ‘What the bloody hell is she doing now?’ expression on his face.

I had a snowy five mile three hour drive home to re-live my embarrassing moment and eat freezing cold bananas.

7 comments to Cold Bananas and Crushes

  • sarah davis

    Oh dear Anna-May men do not understand womens emotions ( Alistair)
    P.s when it snows i forget about bananas instead i carry arround a big bar of fruit and nut chocolate ( i do tend to eat it all in one sitting! )

  • Pauline

    I don’t think I’d have needed any excuse to launch myself at Alistair Littleton, so he’s probably used to random women assaulting him in public. ‘Escape to the Country’ is my guilty pleasure.

  • Pauline

    Erm, Appleton…

  • Ginny Willis

    How dare you move in on my tv crushes, First it was Ian Waite, now it’s Alistair Appleton. Next it wil be Jules Hudson – KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF – he’s mine!!!

  • Ginny Willis

    Forgot to say that i don’t like Alistair’s hairy face. Jules is on TV at this very moment – what a hunk. Alistair was on TV this afternoon and he was playing the organ at Wells Cathedral. I was very impressed.

  • Julie

    that poor man – actually I should say those poor men – your husband and Alistair Appeleton. I saw “Lovesong” too and it was fabulous but I didn’t cry but everyone about me was bawling and sniffing into hankies. they had staff giving out tissues on the way out. as for your three B’s – that’s a brillent reminder. I guess rhe bucket is to pee in or sit on and not to scoop snow out from under the car? I was once told a bucket should be taken on every holiday – you can sit on it, wee in it, wash in it (body adn clothes) and bury it on a beach with valuables.

  • Anna May

    Sarah, why spoil a good bar of chocolate with fruit and nuts?

    Pauline and Ginny, step away from Alistair….

    Julie, you saw Love Song and didn’t cry? You are made of stone!

    Anna May x