Silly Billy

I didn’t get a even a half decent frock, shoe or jewellery hit from The Oscars last night because so many of my favourites only appeared in the ‘Popped Off This Year’ tribute.

Talking of corpses – what has Billy Crystal done to his face? It looked steamrollered. As a compere he did a good […]

Very Super

I bumped into an old school gate frenemy at the supermarket yesterday. If you want training in how to be a bitch extraordinaire, hers is the number you need.

“I am SO sorry about your book” she smiled but not with her eyes.

Baffled I asked her what she meant.

She put her hand on […]


I scared the teenage boy behind the fish counter at the supermarket today when I asked him if he had a cod piece.





In Yer Face

‘A good Lifeguard is a dry Lifeguard’ – that’s what my daughters were told when they were training. I got a Lifeguard wet today doing an AquaBlast Class in my local pool.

It’s a hangover from being the naughty girl in school that I always choose to be in the back row for everything. A […]

Cliff Richard and the Kama Sutra

It’s Flabuary and I am keeping up the gym visits. Today I did an exercise class called ‘Tea and Tone’ which my husband misheard this morning as tea and scone.

I turned up to find six retired women dressed in various shades of pastel exercise/sleepwear. Without stating their age there was no doubt this lot […]

Cold Bananas and Crushes

I went to see Love Song at The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith on Saturday evening and did several gear changes from cynical to curious to mesmerised to bawling crying over the 90 minute show.

My emotions in the theatre moved lot faster than the car did on the way home through the snow, but I was […]

Don’t Count Your Chickens

I got involved in chicken wars last night.

As a vegetarian chicken-slut I prefer to buy them ready cooked for my carnivore family. Last night in Costco I was at the head of a queue of sixteen people for the last sixteen chickens of the day that were still roasting. I waited 20 minutes for […]