The Gary Rhodes Delusional Dancer Award 2011

I’m weary and in  need of a Strictly surprise to get me  excited for the spurt to the finish. It’s all got soooo predictable…..

Maybe Tess could tell Brucie to shut the fook up mid feeble gag – or not gurn for, say, thirty seconds at least? Or Dave Arch and his band could  be not wonderful, just the once?

Robbie came over all born again after being booted out – he has been emoting in TV interviews that, thanks to Strictly, the British public have seen a different side of him. Yes Robbie they have. Your back -side.  He claims he is a better man after the intensive spray tanning, sequins and stripping. With those words Robbie just snatched this year’s Gary Rhodes Delusional Dancer Award  from Edwina Currie.

Alex cannot win just by being very Welsh indeed, boyo.

I reckon the other contestants were even greener than Pasha after his and Chelsee’s jive, which was brilleeeeeeeeeeeeant.

I hope Jason is mainlining Santaogen. He’s going to need that and more to make the final.


3 comments to The Gary Rhodes Delusional Dancer Award 2011

  • Ginny Willis

    I feel, by your comments, that you are really fed up with Strictly and that the time has come to put it on ice and never to return.

    I feel that if Ian was back you and someone else I know would would be drooling over it (or him) every week.

  • Anna May

    Ginny, oh nooo -it’s just a temporary lull. I’ll be up for it big style by Saturday evening!

    Anna May x

  • It’s still Harry all the way for me, but Chelsee’s jive was almost Jill Halfpenny’esque 🙂

    I’m a bit bereft now I’m a Celebrity’s finished …