Strictly Sleepy

It’s 2am and because I was away from civilisation this weekend I have have only now watched Strictly through eyes that were sliding shut with exhaustion.

There was a shot of Robin lifting Anita at the end of their dance that looked exactly like he was putting her on a commode.

I thought Alex Jones was jiving with Paul Daniels until I realised it was a rag doll.

Jason Donovan dances like he is being held to ransom to dance and if he  doesn’t do it someone will microwave his puppy – lighten up. Think Priscilla.

Robbie Savage is reception class cute the way he tries so hard. I vote he puts his hair in bunches for next week.

Audley’s Cha Cha Cha was hahaha –  the bloke was even smiling out of time.

Russell danced to I Ham What I Ham dressed in gold wrapping paper.

And this has nothing at all to do with Strictly – but my friend texted it to me while I was watching the show and it made me laugh:

Q: What has two wings and a halo?
A: A Chinese telephone.




6 comments to Strictly Sleepy

  • Julie

    I LOVE the joke. As for Strictly, they’e all taking to seriously and need to lighten up – you’re so right. It’s becoming a tad boring but having said that it’s perfect Saturday night TV.

  • Ginny Willis

    I am still on about toss daily. This week she had a dress made of green foil Christmas wrapping paper. Even worse on Sunday – she really tooooooo old for mini’s. A lovely white dress at the top until the camera dropped and you saw her ghastly black nail varnish, minilength dress and weird knees!!!

    As for the dancing, well I think Anna May has said it all.

  • Took me a minute to get the joke, so I must be sleepy!

    No one really stands out for me as a winner this year on Strictly. I want the rag doll to win.

  • Anna May

    Julie, I take Strictly seriously enough for everyone so the contestants should just relax…..

    Ginny, I have actually stopped noticing Tess most of the time, although she looked very Christmassy last Saturday in that green spangly dress.

    Hi Karen, that rag doll had more personality than Alex!

    Anna May x

  • Pauline

    Just as Strictly was starting to pall, the show was enlivened by Artem’s injury (sorry, Artem, get better soon) and Len’s extraordinary, unedifying outburst to Craig. I know, it should be enlivened by good dancing, but I take my pleasures where I can. Oh Tess, can you not find a stylist who LIKES you?

    TessDressWatch on Strictly is always a treat –
    Will she turn up in sequins, or wrapped in a sheet?
    No, to my fascination
    This week’s inspiration
    Was the noisette triangle in Quality Street.

  • Anna May

    Pauline, Len was unfunny grumpy – and that was after a week off! Wassamatter with him?
    I know that Ginny who visits here shares your thoughts about Tess – who I haven’t really noticed the past few weeks – that’s the beauty of the fast forward button. But your rhyme made me seek her out on iplayer and laugh out loud. Good work!

    Anna May x