Strictly Sindy

Anita could have at least tried to shed a cheesey tear when partner Robin was retired early with Funnyfoot (that’s a complex medical term)  and  now she’s out of Strictly and probably waiting in at home for delivery of a tanker load of Frizz Ease – there’s Karma for you.

Artem took care of his broken spine by letting Holly roll around on it during the danceathon???

Alex’s partner Captain Big Huff, is too grumpy for his shirt. And pistachio is a shade that died with the Queen Mother, Alex was nutty to wear it.  And please  don’t hunt me down and kill me James, but I thought your Charleston was lazy.

Robbie Savage reminded me of a Sindy Doll dancing on a trampoline, altogether too much bounce and blonde ponytail. And when he waggles his meat and veg he’s only making it cold and less interesting. Who knew he had pasty boy scout legs?

Harry happened for me this week, not with the dancing but with his tears for his well deserved great scores. And now  I’m thinking he and Aliona are more than just dancing partners…Yes? No?




5 comments to Strictly Sindy

  • Julie

    Strictly is very watchable but this series feels like it’s been going on for years! Perhaps you could dance in your biker boots to Robbie Savage who’s becoming more endearing week on week. Whenever I write a nice comment about anyone, it’s the kiss of death so he’ll be gone next Sunday!

  • Jan

    I am at that let’s-get-this-thing-over-with stage with Strictly. In fact I feel like I’m watching a repeat of last year. The format is the same and Bruce’s jokes are the same. And each dancer corresponds to one from last year. But I can’t stop watching it!

  • Ginny Willis

    Yes, I also noticed there were ‘no tears’ – strange that to say the least. Did you see her on It Takes Two yesterday? Her hair looked quite normal. The delivery of Frizz Ease must have arrived.

    Mr Jordan is really getting on my nerves now. He always has his mouth open, even when he eats. So disgusting.

  • Anna May

    Julie, Jan, pep yourselves up ladies! It’ll all be over soon and then what will you do?

    Ginny, I predict James will get the chop for next season, He’s just too cranky x

  • We never thought Anita could dance really: just a great showgirl. Alex can go too, you’re right it was a lazy charleston. Eldest had to leave the room when Robbie danced, Youngest hid behind a cushion and I studied a magazine. Only Husband actually watched it, largely with his mouth open in disbelief – but then he doesn’t watch the programme, he was just eating his supper… Holly needs to buck her ideas up or it should just be Harry, Chelsee and Jason.
    My Sindy has a brown, 60s back-combed bob, not blond at all.