Putting the Boot In

Sigh. I ordered some biker boots that I thought would make me look all Caitlin-Sienna-Moran-Miller-esque, give or take 30 years.

They arrived yesterday and after I broke a sweat pulling them on (they were far too fashionable to have a zip) I dashed into the kitchen to get compliments from my sister and daughter who were in there drinking tea and gossiping. Well not dash so much, those boots were heavy.

My daughter took a long look, “You need to accessorise those” she said, “With a hard hat.”  “And a shovel?” added my sister.

Bye bye biker boots.






5 comments to Putting the Boot In

  • Julie

    I don’t get boots as they’re too hot and too tight to wear in the office or driving or anywhere indoors. I wish I could wear my slipppers to work – that would make me so comfy. You seem to be a quest to find the perfect boot!

  • Ginny Willis

    You and your boots!!! You really must take a trip to New York where there is much more choice. But if you prefer cowboy boots then take a round trip of the USA as I’m sure you will find something there.

    Stay well and keep on form for tonight on Strictly…..xx

  • I’m increasingly disappointed these days when I try things on – I always look better in them in my head. Must start avoiding mirrors…and my daughter, which amounts to the same thing!

  • sarah davis

    my biker boots ended up at the local charity shop ( i agree with Julie, workplaces should enforce a slipper policy)

  • Anna May

    Julie, Ginny – I think I feel younger in boots for some made reason and I don’t have to worry if my legs are hairy which is a bonus……

    Karen, my trouble is I think I look great in everything (my eyes are on the slide because of my age) until my daughters/sister puts me straight!

    Sarah, maybe Caitlin Moroan or Sienna Miller bought them?

    Anna May x