Doors to Manual

This morning I snatched  back a cup of coffee from a washing machine repair man (white three sugars) before he had even started to drink it because I was so very vexed with him. He tried to give me a tutorial on how to close my washing machine door.  I have opened and closed washing machine doors at least eight times a day for the past thirty years. I am an internationallly acclaimed EXPERT on the effective and efficient use of  washing machine doors. He deduced, using the snarl on my face as a big clue, that he had crossed a (washing?) line and protested with “I ain’t being funny or nuffink….!” as I slammed the front door behind him. My New Year’s Resolution is to be more patient. Can’t wait for that.

ps: And Pampas Grass on dispay in your front garden is apparently a wink and a nod to passing Swingers that you are good to go, go, go. I am buying my neighbour some for Christmas. He is a Vicar.


5 comments to Doors to Manual

  • Ginny Willis

    Best to have it out rather than fester inside you – or the washing machine.

    I have no room for pampas grass in my front garden. Will it work as well on my window sill or do I have to swing out of my window?

  • Anna May

    Swing out the window? You’ll get arrested, Ginny! x

  • Diddy

    from washing machine doors to swinging?

  • sarah davis

    my neighbour has pampas grass in her garden and she has lots of very late night parties ( and she tend to send her teenage children away during party sessions) p.s i always find the washing machine man annoying

  • Anna May

    Diddy – and why not?

    Sarah, I rest my case!

    Anna May x