Doors to Manual

This morning I snatched back a cup of coffee from a washing machine repair man (white three sugars) before he had even started to drink it because I was so very vexed with him. He tried to give me a tutorial on how to close my washing machine door. I have opened and closed washing […]

Strictly Sindy

Anita could have at least tried to shed a cheesey tear when partner Robin was retired early with Funnyfoot (that’s a complex medical term) and now she’s out of Strictly and probably waiting in at home for delivery of a tanker load of Frizz Ease – there’s Karma for you.

Artem took care of his […]

Putting the Boot In

Sigh. I ordered some biker boots that I thought would make me look all Caitlin-Sienna-Moran-Miller-esque, give or take 30 years.

They arrived yesterday and after I broke a sweat pulling them on (they were far too fashionable to have a zip) I dashed into the kitchen to get compliments from my sister and daughter who […]


Strictly at Wembulleeeee was certainly different.

It started off with some Savage strutting from Robbie, and Ola got her bumcrack out as a special treat but it was wasted in such a vast arena.

Can Russell get away with wrist dancing for much longer? And has he stolen Michael Ball’s hair? Being ‘fired’ at the […]


My daughter is going to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time today.

There had better be a lot of high fiving, can-canning, Hallelujah-ing and woo-hooing going on when they are introduced to her……..

I’m not biased. She’s special.

I Heart Eldika

I have had a cleaner for the last four weeks. Her name is Eldika. She is a present from my son, who has been temporarily between flats and staying with us – but when he leaves next weekend he will be taking her along with him. It’s a bit of a pity my son is […]

Strictly Sleepy

It’s 2am and because I was away from civilisation this weekend I have have only now watched Strictly through eyes that were sliding shut with exhaustion.

There was a shot of Robin lifting Anita at the end of their dance that looked exactly like he was putting her on a commode.

I thought Alex Jones […]

Losing It


Last night I accompanied my husband to an awards event – he had been nominated for a prize and did not win. I am a bad corporate wife because:

a) I have a maniacal competitive streak and was not in the least happy for the winner, although I pretended very well to be, of […]

Strictly Mash Up

Nobody should have put Baby in Strictly’s judging panel. Jennifer Grey’s marks were preposterously high and she hollered them out each time. I know she was speaking a different language – Hollywood – but still, there was no need to shout.

So Lulu is a goner but because she can’t seem to remember anything, especially […]