Strictly Spooky and Stilton

Alesha was wrapped in a blanket on last night’s Strictly  – I just hope it’s a travel blanket and that she is going far, far away very soon.  She’s devaluing a 10 score so frequently I think the producers should introduce a 10* for the remainder of this series.

Russell danced first this week and the cutesy spell has finally worn off for me. He’s starting to look like a one trick carthorse.

If a double wardrobe could dance it would be known as Audley Harrison.

Nancy Noknickers was  doomed from her first hip waggle  – she owes me 15p for last week’s vote and her demise to Anton who has been far too willing to help her make a fool of herself. Shame on him.

When Doris Savage did the cloak waving part of the Paso Doble  he reminded me that I needed  to change my duvet cover. Last week he crashed his nose into the TV camera so this week he took extra care and cupped his extremities to prevent breakages. Cue Craig luvvin it.

Anita was dreary and Chelsee teary and Lulu wafted about in a maternity dress looking not at all bewitched but definitely bewildered.

And I hope how very dare she Princess Beatrice applied on-line months ago for her seat in the Strictly  audience. Seeing her sat there when I have never,ever managed to get a ticket made me so envious it put me right off my stilton with apricots and crackers.













7 comments to Strictly Spooky and Stilton

  • sarah

    Hi Anna May i would stick to your stilton ( more spooky than strictly, and will give you nightmares) i did think Alex looked nice although more Snow queen. What will lady Nancy of the shiny lips do now!

  • Jan

    A hilarious review as always Anna May. I think Anton was secretly phone voting for all the others in order get rid of Nutty Nancy. And, by the way, your Strictly snacks always sound delicious.

  • Youngest loved all the spooky overthetopness of this week’s Stictly, Eldest and I got rather bored. Very glad to be rid of Nancy, we never did discover how that relationship with Anton worked – or not! Too much talking back from the dancers and booing from the audience for my taste: I often agree with Craig even if I’d have been kinder in my wording, and a 6 from the others is equivalent to one of his 3s… Don’t get me started on ill informed 10s!

  • Debbie

    I really enjoyed Strictly – much much better than Farce Factor!

  • Pauline

    Sorry, Anna May – I have been watching Strictly, but mostly on i-player (busy, busy, busy). I loathe these themed weeks, with the dances being shoehorned into inappropriate music, and only my new-found pash for Pasha is keeping me interested.

    Ha! – I’ve been calling Russell a one trick pony this week, but your description of a one trick carthorse is pure genius (which is why you’re a writer and I’m not).

    I’ve not really been in a limerick mood, so this will have to do:

    Well, he swished that old cape like Zorro ‘en garde’;
    He posed and he strutted – is a paso that hard?
    But I just couldn’t watch
    As he grabbed at his crotch.
    Robbie’s paso farrago deserved a red card.

  • Ginny Willis

    Yes, a strange week it was this week. I found my mind wondering about in disinterest. I am beginning to prefer the daily 6.30 programme with Zoe Ball – I cannot find a bad thing to say about her.

    I, of course, eagerly await Wednesdays with the fantastic, sexy, lovable ………Ian – wait for it – Ian Waite. He is so adorable!!!!!

  • Anna May

    Sarah, Alex had the look of Sarah Brightman if she was pretty and I have to admit I’ll miss Dancy Nancy.

    Jan, I think Nancy was too big a character for Anton to cope with – he likes to be numero uno (that’s Italian)

    Hausfrau, totally agree that the themed weeks are a bit of a flop. Can Alesha count? I’m beginning to doubt it.

    Hi Debbie! Why is Kitty always in her knickers?

    Pauline, you are too modest! You are most definitely on form! Watch and crotch are an excellent rhyme. Does anything rhyme with genitals?

    Ginny, Ian is delectable and has great chemistry with Zoe.

    Anna May x