Strictly Spaghetti

Nancy was reduced to doing  the white wine tushy wiggle tonight. She danced with spaghetti legs and even chucked in a crotch close up for Len – but still he only scored her a mingy 5. The beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous, divine yadayadayada Nancy was more You’ve Been Framed than  Strictly Come Dancing  tonight..

Anita Dobson looked like Minnie Mouse on acid, Lulu exudes bewilderment to every beat and I want Harry to hurry up and get voted off for his own protection before Edwina meets him in a dark corridor at the BBC.

Edwina Currie is an over sexed, over sequinned disgrace. She was Lady Bracknell talking dirty tonight.  The woman should put her in yer face libido away and just DANCE. Too much Lala and not enough tralala from Edwina put me right off my crackers and Cashel Blue.

And I’m still backing Chelsee who danced so valiantly in her Christmas tree trousers.




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  • Pauline

    Agree, agree, agree! Although Chelsee’s trousers just reminded me that I really must get the car washed…

    Nancy’s dance was just awful again.
    I think Anton’s convinced she’s insane.
    She said, ‘I feel sick,
    ‘Spent all week with a stick.’
    But I’m guessing ’twas only sham pain.

  • Pauline, you are in fine Strictly form today – ‘sham pain’ is so perfect!!!!!

    Anna May x

  • Ginny Willis

    I’ve never noticed it before – maybe there are just more close-up shots but even the men have inplants this year (no not down there I mean that their mouths are full of straight white teeth with no gaps inbetween and no fillings.

    Also, what’s all this wavy/curly hair about?

  • sarah

    Anita’s costume was awful and she has stick like legs. I totally agree about the teeth!

  • Oh lor’. Soi-disant “Sexy” granny. Enough to turn your stomach.

    As for that one out of Easter Enders (the one who looked like she was auditioning for Widow Twanky): has she actually done anything (apart from marrying her cross-gendered clone) in the intervening quarter of a century to justify the title “Queen of the Soaps”? If her stint on EastEnders still counts, then I demand a stand-up scrap between her, Bet Lynch, and the ghost of Elsie Tanner. My money would be Elsie.

  • Helen Nicell

    Did you ever go to a wedding as a child and a rather raunchy aunty would get on the dance floor, a bit worse for wear, and start shaking bodily parts very suggestively? That was Nanacy on Saturday -I laughed from beginning to end, her knee was obviously playing up as she couldn’t keep her knees together. What great entertainment- Anton looks completely bemused. Right result Edwina going though. Russell Grant’s joy and enthusiasm are uplifting!

  • Ginny, yes you’re right, even the dental work is razzle dazzling this year.

    Sarah, Anita’s outfit will come in handy for some C Beebies spectacular or other

    Mike, I replayed Edwina’s dance and she was dressed like she’d wandered in from Downton. It reminded me of a neighbour who called her Nan Granny Fanny…..

    Welcome Helen! Prancy Nancy was frisky in the extreme last Saturday, and her knee didn’t stop her getting up and down from the judges table did it? She was HYSTERICAL and I love the way she expected to get showered in praise after her dance that looked like a seizure set to music.

    Anna May x

  • It was a fine moment watching Edwina’s face as, in slow motion, she realised that she was NOT the nation’s darling. In a previous incarnation as a civil servant, it was once my misfortune to have to brief her, and she is a nasty bit of work.

  • Can’t believe I missed this! Fantastic limerick.

    Nancy Doolally was insane and Edwina made me feel nauseous, thank goodness she’s gone. Dan Lobb reminds me of Russ Abbott. (Please tell me someone remembers him!)