Strictly Smiling

This week in Strictly there was a lot of smiling to music as a substitute for actually dancing. Not at all surprised Dan Whoeverhewas was voted off – he was the worst cultprit for mixing up beaming with boogying.

The camera caught Alesha Dixon checking herself in the monitor several times during both Saturday and Sunday’s show –  I hope she saw what I did. That she clearly isn’t bovvered any more. And I bet it wasn’t her scoring paddles she went for under the table after Bruno lunged at her during his critique of Dan’s dance to Queen’s ‘Somebody to-ooo-ooo-ooo Love’

Russell made me weep with the sheer joy of his dance. He seems to be stepping out the letters to ‘I am so glad to be alive’ as he skips around the dance floor and I LOVE him for trying so hard and for the way he follows Flavia every move with his puppy eyes.

And waddabout Jason? Guilty as charged I am a Priscilla-aholic,  but even if I wasn’t his Tango was my my abandon the crackers and St Agur  to give a standing ovation moment  of the night.

I’m guessing staff The Priory are busy turning down the bed for Nancy  – she is having a slow dawning that she is  a sex siren only in her head ( although that is a very big place indeed) and not a championi dancer, either. Just shows that a good leg scissor action doesn’t transfer from Sven’s bedroom to the dance floor.

Anita Dobson and her teeth did a great jive. Husband Brian May wasn’t in the audience this Saturday. Could it be  haircut night when chainsaws, incinerators, teams of strong men in protective clothing are paid danger money to get his frizz mountain under control?

And Robbie Savage looks like Doris Day with stubble.







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  • Jan

    Very funny Anna May. As soon as Sunday’s Strictly is over I check your blog for witty observations. I have to say that even though Jason is excellent I find myself wanting him to trip up because he is so bloody sure of himself. My favourite (not in the Brucie sense) is Alex.

  • Julie

    Susan Boyle sang very well but also very slowly on the Results show – she seems a nice women and reminded me to add Jersey Royals to my shopping list. The dancing is wonderful – they all (even Prancy Nancy) makes it look quite easy when I bet it’s really hard. I do love the outfits too. Totally brain dead but throughly entertaining TV.

  • Loved Jason and Harry, and happy to see the back of the unknown Dan but am still wondering who thinks Nancy worth saving: she was dreadful! Do you think she and Anton are not getting on? It looks as though they are doing different ‘dances’.

  • ANita Dobson looked like a bad drag act (again).

    Feature in the Telegraph last week was very revealing about the Nancy/Anton relationship – she gave the standard PR friendly “I’m sure it is possible between us” and he gave the “Not in a million years”.

    Speaking of collapsing relationships; Sir Bruce and whatsername – visible friction on Saturday?

    More questions ot be answered – why did Susan Boyle cut almost the entire first verse of Unchained Melody? She could have easily fitted it in if she hadn’t sung it (thinly) at funereal pace. Maybe she felt uncomfortable with the “I hunger for your touch” line.

  • Oh, and cameras caught all the judges looking VERY bored by Bruno’s faffing – at least, when he wasn’t scaring the living nightlights (she ain’t bright enough for daylights) out of Alesha.

  • Anna May

    Jan, Jason has been outed for cheating in today’s press….he’s been having secret dancing lessons! I’m not sure about Alex yet, I think I need to see her cry before I like her.

    Julie, SuBo looked very uncomfortable. Which bit of her reminded you of a spud?

    Welcome Hausfrau! Anton is more like Nancy’s carer than her dance partner. It’s like he’s just there to stop her falling over or ending up in the audience. They are a magnificently funny and hostile pairing.

    Mike, they keep doing Anita Dobson up like a rag doll – we know she’s got apple cheeks and all that but really……. If Anton and Nancy had a team name I think it would be ‘Repel’ and SuBo was sparkly but dull.. And as for Tess and Brucie – there’s only so much fake indulgent smiling on gal can do.
    I love Bruno’s antics and wish he’d go all the way and give Alesha’s hair a good live on TV ruffling, that might make her quit!

    Anna May x

  • sarah

    excellent and funny blog as ususal. I think the costume designer does not like Anita ( maybe she is not a queen fan)

  • Naughty Jason – he is taking it VERY seriously.
    I’ve gone off Tess a bit now she’s ‘written’ a novel. How very dare she?

  • Ginny Willis

    Nobody has mentiones Tess’s trusses – they looked more like a bird’s nest but more like a static mess after a hectic night fighting with her pillow!!

    I must be getting bored with it all as I didn’t watch it until yesterday on catch up. I will be watching Sundays Results show later today so may have some more to say on the matter.