Strictly Frizz

Tess’s dress last night looked it came from a curtain warehouse, and  does that woman get paid a salary or is she on commission  for every gurny face – kindly, sympatico amazed, amused,surprised, emabrarrassed – she pulls during the live broadcast?

Let me tell you a Strictly secret. Anita Dobson is 62. Yes she is although it is never constantly mentioned on the show. It’s not the only interesting thing about her, there are others….like how she pulls a life or death “How long have I got , Doctor?” face when she gets her comments from the judges. That she peaked in Week One, and her husband has a  hair mountain. Does Brian May use a giant plug in turbo powered afro comb to make his frizz-pile a serious contender for world domination?

James should have been sent  to sit on the naughty step for his tantrum on last night’s show, but there were too many coo-pulls dancing/kissing/shimmying on the stairs so he got away unpunished . Anyone else think he looks like a Womble ?

Poor Alex squirmed with embarrassment to music  in every corner of the dance floor and then after her Rumba  had to endure a panel disussion about whether she was sexy or not – on live TV.  How many teeny voices asked in sitting rooms all over the UK “What’s sexy, Mummy?” at 7pm ast night?

Lulu’s skirt sambaed last night but the rest of her didn’t. She did the same steps so many times that I thought my Skybox was stuck. And  she went for untended Tina Turner  hair. There’s a fine line between tousled and I’m not worth it. Ask Doris Savage.

Eyes glazed with terror Rory Bremner thrust his pelvis to the beat of ‘I wish I was dead’ and the glimpse of his more oestrogen than testosterone fuelled chest hair stimulated my gag reflex and meant I was forced to abandon my brie and crackers.

I actually voted for Nancy this week. It cost 15p and I felt I owed it to her for all the belly laughs she’s given me.

My observation on Holly and Artem’s dance is great earrings.

Told ya! Told ya! Chelsee to win.







7 comments to Strictly Frizz

  • Debbie

    I have completely lost interest in Strictly this year…. it doesn’t seem to have the same oomph as previous years. That said, X Factor is also going down in flames for me.

    Oh no – what am I going to do with my Saturday nights!

  • Julie

    Strictly is compelling for all the wrong reasons – apparently Tess’s dress is a Stella McCartney design. I actually quite liked it. Chelsee(?) was amazingly agile and danced so well. Rory made me nearly gag it was so horrible to watch. I sdo think it looks easy but isn’t so I’m happy to sit and criticise as I eat more peanuts and tortilla chips. I am also watching Downton Abbey – what has happened to Bates’s limp? He positively skipping along at the mo.

  • Debbie, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You have to get help urgently so you can enjoy Hallooween Theme Night. Do it for me?

    Julie, How did you get from Rory’s chest to Bates’s limp in one comment? Tess’s Sunday dress was Stella M, her Saturday one was clearance bin in Shepherds Bush Market.

    Anna May x


  • sarah

    mayb they will have a Queen and Brian May theme next x

  • Sarah, how good would Robin look in a Brain May wig? x

  • Is there a week on Strictly when there ISN’T a Queen song played? Just how did Queen go from the reviled Proponents of Poodle-haired Pop Pomposity to Britain’s Best-loved Big-Hair Ballroom Band?

  • Ginny Willis

    ‘Strictly Speaking’ middle aged skinny faced women with long pointed noses should NOT have long hair with no height on top – improvement would be to have it cut short with lots of curls on top!! Take a tip from Lulu I say.