My husband left the house this morning wearing a vest, a Helly Hansen polo necked top, a Helly Hansen not polo necked top, two t shirts, a checked shirt, a good shirt, a fleece, a gilet and a waterproof jacket. He was also wearing a pair of walking boots with four pairs of socks on top of one another and several pairs of boxers over swimming trunks – all  beneath  two pairs of trousers. A lace up leather shoe was stuffed into each of his jacket pockets.

I had to help him out of the car at Luton airport because the weight of the clothing meant he couldn’t bend his arms or legs properly. He was taking a flight to Kerry and was determined not to give Ryanair £30 to check a bag, so he wore everything he needed for his 5 day stay in Ireland.

A woman would probably have asked “Does my bum look big in all this?” but he didn’t.


3 comments to Overdressed

  • Ginny Willis

    I hope he doesn’t have to have a strip search at Kerry Airport!!

  • Ginny, Hahaha! It would serve him right…..

    Anna May x

  • sarah

    soon there will be no toilets on Ryanair which is just as well as by the time he takes the layers off to use the loo the plane would have landed ! x