Internal Affairs

I had a lovely squeeze of an eight day old baby girl yesterday. She looked and smelt divine and did a little cooing sound that made me feel like my ears were being kissed.

When my four babies hit the week old mark that was the appointed time  when the waters behind my eyes broke –  I did some champion crying. Those baby blues tears were among the ploppiest I’ve ever shed.

Yesterday I found a new Mum who wasn’t crying, or even just smiling. She was laughing out loud.  And hasn’t stopped since her baby arrived. The reason?  Recollections of what happened in the delivery room immediately after the arrival of her baby daughter when the midwife asked her husband “Please  get some sanitary protection for your wife.”

The new mum pointed her husband in the direction of her  carefully packed suitcase for labour, it was on a chair just inside the door of the delivery room and contained several packets of sanitary towels –  but he walked past it and out into the corridor.

A few moments later her husband returned. He’d dashed to the hospital shop and bought a packet of Lilets.



7 comments to Internal Affairs

  • Ginny Willis

    You never cease to amaze me Anna May!!! xx

  • Lovely – reminds me that while in the late stages of carrying my first daughter, I thoughtfully slipped an ultra thin panty liner in my knickers, just in case my waters broke. Oh what a surprise in the labour room, when the midwife had to break them and a small tsunami followed. Needless to say, I was better prepared with number two daughter.

  • sarah

    brilliant you couldnt make this up sooo funny xx

  • Julie

    I guess she was lucky he didn’t think sanitary protection was handwash! I’m sure the Lillets came in handy as she shoved them up his nostrils.

  • Ah, I remember those baby-blues tears.

    At least hubby didn’t pass out, hit his head on the bed, knock himself out and have to be carted off to A&E like my brother-in-law did.

  • For those of you who, like me, are baffled, the husband apparently purchased a brand of tampons called “Lil-lets”. I had to “google”.

    My baby-blues tears arrived three days after the birth for both daughters. When I inexplicably starting crying while my first daughter was put “under the lights” for jaundice, I saw the nurses exchange knowing glances and then say, in perfect unison, “Third Day!! When second daughter arrived, I knew exactly what was happening and remember sitting in my hospital bed, filling out birth announcements, tears streaming down my face.

  • Ginny, thank you!

    Welcome Anny P, how innocent you were ! Sweet,

    Sarah and Julie, it’s such a great tale isn’t it?

    Karen, cool in a crisis – that’s what I like to hear!

    Hi Persephone, thank you for the clarification. Hormones are so powerful they way they turn the woo hoo after childbirth into woo hoo……

    Anna May x