Friends in High Places

I’ve heard of ‘Take Your Daughter to Work Day’ but never the take your best man/mate to the office and on tour version.  Did Dr Liam Fox get confused? I suppose we should be grateful he’s  big in the Mnistry of Defence and not a gynaecologist.

5 comments to Friends in High Places

  • Diddy

    dodgy indeed

  • Ginny Willis

    Are there no security checks on the door? How did they get away with it for so long?

  • All those references to Werritty (and ain’t that a Dickensian name?) sound slyly suggestive: “Close friend”; “best man”. What are they suggesting?

  • Julie

    I think Liam Fox comes across as a every nice man but he’s just not able to do his job so should leave. I predict this whole “bring your friend/family member to work” matter will be the next MP’s expenses scandal. If you agree, please email my best friend who’s sitting beside me here in my office

  • Dodgy Diddy?

    Ginny, he got cards from Prontaprint that said he was a special adviser so they waved him through……

    Mike, could be worse. It could have been one of his bridesmaids?

    Julie, Will do. And could you ask her to email me back with some inside info, please?

    Anna May x