Downturn at Downtown

Downton Abbey is on the slide. I’ve hit the fast forward button several times since it’s comeback, a move inconceivable during the first series.

In Sunday’s show when the jilted Anna turned up at the pub to find her runaway ex fiance Bates behind the bar and got the line “Half a cider, please?” it proved what I had been thinking for two episodes -all  the passion is spent.

That said, does anyone look more lovely in bed than M’Lady Cora? The woman’s got  ten Nancy Dell’Olio’s worth of sticky out hair and wears her wincyette nightie buttoned up to her chin but in a most refined  come and get me M’Lord style.

This week is last chance Sunday…….

10 comments to Downturn at Downtown

  • Jan

    I agree Anna May, it’s definitely not as good as it was. However did you spot the wonderful double entendre in episode 1?

    Lord Grantham: (to Matthew) You’re safe.
    Matthew: Yes, touch wood.
    Lord Grantham : I never stop touching it.

    Ooh matron!

  • Jan

    Actually, I meant episode 2. Has there really been 3 episodes already? Yawn.

  • Ooh yes, I’ve found my attention wandering this time round. They seem to be whizzing through the storylines a bit too. One minute thingie was thinking about becoming a nurse, the next minute she IS one. I do find Lady Cora’s accent slightly peculiar, but she does know how to rock a wincyette nightie.

  • Ginny Willis

    yes, I’m beginning to drift off when watching this series. It really put me off when Anna asked for the cider – no emotion from him or her. Am I missing out on something.

  • By the time it’s on, I’ve done all my prep and planning for the week ahead, and my brain is mush. Even people asking for cider with no emotion is a great comfort. I heart Downton Abbey.

  • Julie

    I love Bates but Anna should have asked “why the b****y hell haven’t you let me know you’re here?”. I thought she’d get the cider then toss it at him. Julian Fellowes needs me as his assistant script writer. Every scene seems to have a bed in it, the trenches look too fake and Mrs Patmore is irritating as all she does is mix things in her big bowl. Matthew’s not a sufficient “love interest” either. I am sticking with it as Lady Cora’s lovely and Carson’s wonderful. It’s second only to “Doc Martin” which I am addicted too – Martin Clunes is the BEST actor ever.

  • Ginny Willis

    Oh yes Julie, Martin Clunes will come second best from Ian Waite and Sean Connery (in his younger days) will come third.

  • sarah

    i have a confession i have never watched it!

  • Jan, as Hugh B was at the heart of a lot of superinjunction gossip recently that was a bit close to the bone…..(hahaha)

    Glenda, I want SPARKS between Anna and Bates – they are my faves

    Fran, relax and enjoy and put your fingers in your ear when I complain….I’m happy you are happy.

    Julie, Maybe Martin Clunes could be cast as Lady Mary’s new love interest?

    Ginny, Ian was gorgeous on It Takes Two. It’s a travesty that he’s not dancing in the main show

    Sarah, so what doyou get up to on Sunday evenings then, eh?

    Anna May x

  • sarah

    Anna May,
    anything than watch Downton – never got into the first series. I saw a lorry marked up with ‘Downton delivers’ waiting in a line of traffic at the Woolwich ferry yesterday morning x