Bluebottles and Blockbusters

I did a book signing of ‘Me and Mine’ today and was surprised that three members of the public came especially to ask my advice about getting their book published. I did point out that as it took me thirty years to get a publishing deal I hardly count as an expert.

One insistent and very pungent aspiring writer came too close to me. With a lot of spit spray he demanded that I pass his idea for an international bestseller to my publisher for consideration. To stop myself saying “Of course I won’t and do you know there’s a dead bluebottle squashed on your bald patch?” I politely asked him what his story was about.

He narrowed his eyes and told me he couldn’t possibly say in case I nicked his fantabulous book-to-be, but still he trusted me enough to hand me an A4 envelope addressed with the word ‘Blockbuster’ handwritten and underlined. The envelope was sealed with greasy fingerprints and smelt of blue cheese.

I told him he was fine to tell me what it was about (because I am that stage in my menopause when I forget everything instantly, and his secret – what secret?) would be safe with me. But he clearly thought the better of it and seized back his envelope.

He’ll probably be next year’s literary sensation.

2 comments to Bluebottles and Blockbusters

  • sarah

    Hi Anna May i recently went to the Greenbelt festival and as a volunteer did a ‘in coversation with Amy Sackville’ and during the question and answer section there were lots of questions on getting published. Later that day Stella Duffy was talking about her latest book and she did a quick bit on publishing etc ( i.e how difficult it is and about rejections etc)

  • Hi Sarah,

    I did everything wrong en route to getting published so I’d be nervous about offering advice. Your Festival sounds interesting.

    Anna May x