Sad Bananas and Strops

Saw a photo of a sad Andy Murray leaving Wimbledon last night carrying  all his gear; bags, bananas, racquets and dirty laundry. He’s only eleven and a half months away from trying again, so I hope he takes heart.

But – if he looked a bit less Napoleon Dynamite might that  bring out his inner champ? He could start with losing the pubic hair goatee,  in the interests of aerodynamics as well as  looking a bit  more hunky.

My favourite Wimbledon 2011 story is about a male youth player playing on the furthest outside court, so far away from the show courts it almost had a different postcode.  He got into  a super-strop over a line call and chucked his racquet on the grass with such force……… that it bounced over the wall and into the road on the other side.

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