Pavements and Pelvic Thrusts

Who remembers slow dancing? It was a poorly disguised excuse for blokes to do pelvic thrusts inwards and girls to do them outwards, as they shuffled in a small circle to music.

Last night driving back from Tesco the Chi-Lites song “Have You Seen Her?” was playing on the car radio. It took me back […]

Quad a Day…..

Yesterday we went Quad Biking – nine of us aged from 20 to 50. Quad ‘Bike’ is an understatement. These machines are like Sherman Tanks with a seat on top. It was good sweaty family fun until my 47 year old sister, for reasons as yet unknown, powered into a group of spectators triggering a […]

Hired? Fired? Tired?

I’ve not been much excited by The Apprentice this year, which is why I haven’t blogged about the weekly goings on. It wasn’t must-watch TV for me although I am still in deep mourning for Edna the Spectacular and her gloves.

Most of this year’s candidates didn’t penetrate my memory cells. I enjoyed crimes-against -side-partings […]

Harry Potter, Postman Pat and Burglar Bill

Harry Pottered-out at 3am after a midnight screening of The Deathly Hallows Part 2 my three daughters came home and managed to leave house keys in the front door lock. This was discovered not by my husband who left for work at 7am, but by the postman who came at 8am.

He rang the doorbell […]

Pillow Talk

Since Friday I have looked like I am leaning in close to listen to my left shoulder with my left ear.

The culprit for my stiff neck is the memory foam pillow I’ve invested in. Comfy it isn’t. It’s like laying your head down on a concrete slab, but I like that. Sinking into a […]

Me and mine on ‘Me and Mine’

Last night my family and I went out to celebrate the publication of my book ‘Me and Mine’ which will be on sale from this Thursday July 7th.

It was a golden night. My son and three daughters, now all in their twenties, are healthy, happy and a feast for the eyes. They raised a […]

Sad Bananas and Strops

Saw a photo of a sad Andy Murray leaving Wimbledon last night carrying all his gear; bags, bananas, racquets and dirty laundry. He’s only eleven and a half months away from trying again, so I hope he takes heart.

But – if he looked a bit less Napoleon Dynamite might that bring out his inner […]