The Tousled Blonde Hair of The Law

Which celebrity would you choose to arrest you if you got on the wrong side of the law?  I bagsy George Clooney, as long as he was armed with a pair of fluffy handcuffs.

Pity the bloke who got arrested earlier today and found London Mayor Boris Johnson heading up the dawn raid –

I love, love, love that the accused was so shocked to see Bojo he didn’t even think to protest his innocence or demand a solicitor. Instead he shouted at Boris “What the F*** are you doing here!?”

The judiciary could send unpopular slebs along to more arrests  as a crime deterrent. Cherie Blair, Ryan Giggs or Jedward  might work?

14 comments to The Tousled Blonde Hair of The Law

  • Colin Firth is welcome to read me my rights, any time of the day or night, but if I saw Jedward heading up the path I’d probably leg it.

  • Diddy

    kate bush yes

  • sarah davis

    Johnny depp! need i say more

  • Jan

    I’ve always had a hankering for Tom Hanks. I must say that article was priceless. It looked to me as though Boris had been superimposed onto all of the photos.

  • Debbie

    You can’t bags Gorgeous George… that’s comparing him with Bojo 🙂
    p.s. mine would have to be Matthew McConaughey .

  • Ginny Willis

    I think I would choose your hunky husband!! or Sean Connery, Ben Cumberbatch, James McAvoy. Give me a bit more time to think of one other.

  • Anna May

    Karen, yes I would go quietly with Colin Firth……

    Diddy, Kate Bush could shriek you your rights!

    Sarah, Johnny Depp, big swashbuckley tick!

    Jan, Arrested by Forrest Gump? Are you sure?

    Debbie, George Clooney is bagsied good and proper and anything you have to say about that will be taken down and might be used in evidence……Matthew M is all angles – not sure about him.

    Ginny – you are so fickle! Where is Strictly’s Matthew on your list? Thank you for your vote for my hunka hunka burning etc……

  • A very interesting question Anna – George Michael? So I can ask for some free legal advice…or maybe Clint Eastwood so I can watch him draw his big gun? Cliff Richard just so I can laugh at the very prospect of him trying to look tough…Oh, tis diffcult, difficult…:))

    Classic Boris publicity gaff there. That man makes me laugh so much it’s untrue. And that’s just looking at his portraits!

  • Ginny Willis

    Ohhhhh Anna, I had completely forgotten about Matthew. Thanks you so much for bring him back to me. Matthew Cutler forever.

    A reminder to me: I must set up a ‘bring back Matthew’ website.

  • Julie

    the comments on this are SO funny – everyone’s sounding like they WANT to be arrested! Poor Boris – he looked like he wasn’t sure what he was doing there and neither was I. I fel sorry for the person woken up to see Bojo standing there looking bemused. you should have a newspaper column with blogs like this!

  • Ginny Willis

    Well Julie, it would always be full. There is no need to worry that Anna would have nothing to say!! Every day something happens to her be it funny or peculiar. I wish I had such an exciting life.

    Oh, and I just cannot wait to read her book ‘Me and Mine’ WHICH IS COMING OUT ON 7 JULY – I REPEAT SEVEN JULY available from Amazon and all good bookshops. If they don’t stock it then they are not a good bookshop.

  • Hi Jane and welcome, I really enjoy your blog!

    Julie, that criminal must have thought he was in the midle of a nightmare when he found Boris atbthe foot of the bed!

    Ginny, thanks to you for being such a dedicated PR person. When I am famous I’ll put in a good word for you with Mathew Cutler!

    Anna May x

  • mike d

    Surprised not more men with “arrest me” fantasies. Amy Pond from “Doctor Who”? The hamster-faced OCD suffering teacher out of “Glee”? Edwina Currie?

    Nope. I’ve got it. Alex Pollizzi (“The Hotel Inspector”) – she’s got that whole SM dominatrix “You will obey” thang going on…

  • Becky

    I’ve got a really major thing for Ben Willbond- comedian and star of Horrible Histories. I think he could work the look…..