2011 Wimble-done

Boo Hoo. Wimble-done for me this year. I have ongoing numb bum from sitting on Centre Court for almost ten hours yesterday. I’ve just watched the TV highlights – there is a close up of me cheering and foaming at the mouth, not with excitement, but with coconut mushrooms.

 Princess Beatrice was in the front row of the Royal Box. She has an interesting cute camel face. Elaine Paige was in there  too, doing a lot of throat flirting  with a younger man sat close by. Cliff  Richard was in position as always, looking supremely waxy.

I was lucky enought to have access to the Debenture Lounge and on a quick dash to the air conditioned loo  I overheard two ladies, dressed in pale paisley print pleats and mid heels, in distress.  They were at the entrance to the restaurant and fighting the good fight for their afternoon tea. A very polite girl, most likely a student doing a summer job, was apologising profusely. 

The headline news was that the ladies were welcome to  have tea and scones, but not cake, because it had sold out.

 “Margot!” cried Celia, ” This girl says they have run out of kick!” 

“Impossible, Celia!” Margot refused to accept the bad news.

“It’s true. We may have tea, and scones, but no kick!”

“But that’s just silly!”

“Incredibly silly. There must be kick.”

At this point the young girl offered that pair a feedback form for them to complete which she would pass to the Catering manager on their behalf.

“Can I eat a feedback form?” asked Margot

“Does it have sugar icing?” asked Celia

Viyella women give good sneer.

6 comments to 2011 Wimble-done

  • sarah davis

    Rather you than me in the heat, (bb1 feet up on the sofa with hot chocolate is how i do wimbledon, although i do love M & S coconut mushrooms) I think Cliff has been pickled in formaldeyde Damian Hirst style.

  • I remember going to see John McEnroe play on centre court years ago, and couldn’t BELIEVE how long the game went on for. Give me edited highlights every time!

    I so know what you mean about Beatrice’s little camel face, and I’d be very sneery too at the thought of not having any kick.

  • Love the idea of foaming at the mouth with coconut mushrooms. Such a good image.

  • Ginny Willis

    Sorry but I have not been watching the tennis.

    However, I would just like to comment that it is the 1st July today. Why is this such an inportant day you might ask?

    Anna May’s new book ‘Me and Mine’ goes on sale on 7 July – just seven days away……….I am very excited and have my copy on order from Amazon and just hope that there is not a postal strike.

  • Anna May

    Sarah, have you ever dipped a coconut mushroom into hot chocolate? I recommend it…..

    Karen, you are a Wimbledon lightweight!

    Fran, a good image yes, but with a rabies edge

    Ginny, thank you for watching the clock with me!

    Anna May x

  • Oh my goodness – did those women really say that? How extraordinarily rude! I have no doubt these are the same women who always leave their strawberry cartoons and Pimm’s glasses on the seats and down the aisles for the “little people” to pick up…All praise to the young girl for keeping her cool; I think most of us would be tempted to give some sneer back in a similar situation!