Bean Bags and Wine

We arrived en extended famille at the spa hotel. All thirteen of us sprinted to our rooms, ripped off our clothes and grabbed our paperbacks eager to be  first one ready to relax. Then, in white towelling robes and matching slippers we were gathered for a Tour of the Facility. It was like stepping into the film Coma. Everyone but us new arrivals was conked out – draped over sofas, loungers, lawn or bean bags.

First stop on The Tour was the water dispenser. Our very sweet tour guide extended her  perfectly moisturised and beautifully manicured hand in the direction of the water cooler and announced, “This is the Rehydration Station.”

After emptying too many to tell/remember wine bottles at dinner on our first night that area thereafter became known as the Thumping Head Dehydration Station.

And I have some biblical bean bag wisdom to impart,  “Yo truly. When you are blessed with a wobbly camel’s ass it is easier to pass through the eye of a needle than it is to stand up after laying flat out on a giant bean bag.” Amen.

5 comments to Bean Bags and Wine

  • sarah davis

    sounds great. I do not know how to relax! relaxing to me means a book and a drink ( not water)

  • Diddy

    better a camel’s ass than it’s face?

  • Julie

    I agree with Sarah – sounds “spa-tacular!” – bean bags are the hardest things to get out of particularly when holding a wine glass.

  • When I went to a spa I couldn’t get my head round swanning about all day in a dressing gown and slippers, even though I manage it quite happily do it at home. Maybe if I installed a Rehydration Centre in the corner of the living room, I’d manage my eight glasses a day.

  • Anna May

    Sarah, sounds good to me!

    Diddy, your comment sounds like an essay question and should have the word ‘Discuss’ at the end of it!

    Julie, are you a frequent bean bag user/.wine drinker?

    Karen, I agree it’s odd. Dressing Gown City is an alternative universe but it didn’t take me long to become a happy citizen. Happy rehydrating stationing

    Anna May x