Karen and Lauren and Way-Hey!

Sha Arrrwp!  Yeahhhh! Waaay! I ‘ave! I’ve watched ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and I  have a new religion – Essexicity.

I  know I am late joining the ‘TOWIE ‘party and the series has just ended but  still, in homage, I’m hitting the shops this week for a floral maxi dress and some volumising hair mousse. My favourites are easily the mismatched Me-me-me-mark and dough faced Lauren.  Have you ever seen a woman look that  doubtful ? Or a bloke be so bored?

And I’ve been saying “No Way!” and “Way!” a lot  in an attempt to be Essexesque. My husband has been confusing ‘way’ with ‘why’ so he has been explaining why he thinks what he thinks, because he thinks I have asked him to.  He doesn’t get it at all because the only thing he watches on TV are re-runs of Braveheart.

The Apprentice is back tonight and I think that Karen Brady has more than a touch of the Lauren’s about her. Watch out for jumbo curls and cleavages.

6 comments to Karen and Lauren and Way-Hey!

  • Jan

    Anna May, I have never watched TOWIE because I just have to observe a certain branch of my family and it’s all there (well maybe not ALL.)

    As for The Apprentice, I cannot wait. I believe the first one is partly set in New Covent Garden, my husband’s stomping ground. I do hope you are going to treat us to your reviews as the series progresses.

  • mike d

    The only thing worse than “reality” Tv is staged “reality” TV. Written by people who can’t be arsed thinking up plots, and wouldn’t know dialogue if it came up and said “Hello, my name is Dialogue, what’s yours?”

  • That’s the trouble – as Mike says it’s too staged. I do love my reality telly, but I can’t watch TOWIE. I’m glued to The Apprentice though 🙂

  • Jan, TOWIE and the first Apprentice had something in common – they both starred vegetables!

    Mike, you find reality TV truly inspirational, them?

    Karen, oh but the outfits, the lip gloss, the lashes, the platforms…..
    But ( in a Brucie voice) until Strictly is back The Apprentice is my favourite!

    Anna May x

  • Molly Elizabeth

    Fear not, although TOWIE has left us for a while, I would recommend you look at ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Geordie Shore’ for your reality/rubbish-tv fix! x

  • Sha Arrrwp Molly! No Way! There’s more telly just like TOWIE?

    Anna May x