Happy Buffday Georgeous

 Georgeous Clooney was 50 this week and oh how we, I, celebrated!  On the day I managed a second apricot custard Danish for elevenses and sangwhisphered him a fantasy rich version of Happy Birthday to Youhoomahdahling…..

Georgeous gets craggier and lovelier by the year whilst so many women of the same age, in and out of celebrity LaLa Land, are in despair about their changing looks.  They are injecting, sanding and slicing their faces to try to  stay young and attractive.  For who? Their ageing men?

And now a  diet food delivery company  have declared that women over a ‘certain’ age should be dead already or at least wear a balaclava back to front when they are out in public. They have disguised this bollox as a helpful list about what women should stop doing and wearing and at what age:

  • Miniskirt, 35
  • Boob Tube, 33
  • Stilettos, 51
  • Belly button piercing, 35
  • Knee high boots, 47
  • Trainers, 44
  • Leather trousers, 34
  • Leggings, 45
  • Ugg boots, 45
  • Swimsuit, 61
  • Tight vest, 44
  • See-through chiffon blouse, 40
  • Long hair, 53
  • Ponytail, 51

5 comments to Happy Buffday Georgeous

  • Ginny Willis

    Oh no – I could never give up my knee high leather boots and leather trousers (along with my riding crop)!! Whatever next……

  • Diddy

    You free this weekend, Ginny?

  • Jan

    Phew, glad to see I at least made it into the ok to wear a swimsuit category. I don’t know what will happen when I’m over 61. Wear an Edwardian bathing suit? Give up swimming? Or just go to my local pool naked?? Alright the Edwardian bathing suit it is then.

  • Ginny, is your leather of the black variety or are you more into pastels?

    Down, Diddy !

    Jan, remember the floppy, lace trimmed cap to match !

    Anna May x

  • Phew! Still puffing and panting from having to take everything off! Thanks for letting me know!