Curtain Tracks and Fat Feet

I went to buy a curtain track in John Lewis and ended up in their shoe department, as you do.

I asked to try on a pair of shoes that I had no intention of buying in this lifetime or the next. Super high,  shiny and tarty they were the sort of shoes best suited to wearing in bed with your legs in the air when there  are two glasses of champagne on the bedside table. The shoes were £139 and a lovely diversion from curtain tracks, hooks, connectors and cords.

For a couple of fantasy loaded minutes I Posh-stalked around the display units before going  back to where I had left  my own black, flat Mephisto sandals. And there she was – a woman in my seat  and in my shoes!

She was looking  down at her feet and frowning. “What do you think Joan?” she asked her friend who was staring at my sandals and actually tutting.  Joan said, “No. They’re more suited to someone with fat feet.”

3 comments to Curtain Tracks and Fat Feet

  • Ginny Willis

    Did you tell them that you store your spare brains and extra creative writing in your feet?

  • I didn’t dare speak to them at all, Ginny. That Joan was obviously a member of the fashion police and I was scared I might be arrested for crimes against footwear.
    Anna May x

  • Brilliant. My mother-in-law tried to buy a hat at a market stall that belonged to someone. He’d only put it down for a moment to try on something else!