Blow Fish Breakfast

By 7.45am this morning I had met Mary Portas (she’s got a dolly bum), Brigitte Nielsen ( a banana blonde on stilt heels), Kate Hoey (beautiful soft, curly hair) and pocket sized Chris Hollins who doesn’t look at all like he can dance although all us Strictly fans know different.

I was  on BBC Breakfast TV to tell Professor Bryan Caplan from The University of Virginia (who advocates unlimited TV and pizza for kids because he reckons it is only  genes that determine  life chances) that his theories are a load of guff.

It’s an alternative Universe, Breakfast TV. All  peach pastries and pancake make up and people who seem untroubled by getting up at 3am. It’s the W.12 Wide Awake Club . I am not one of them, and fear I looked like a sleepy blowfish in spite of an aggressive encounter with a makeup sponge.

9 comments to Blow Fish Breakfast

  • Diddy

    hahaha blowfish!

  • Julie

    I watched your fab performance on BBC’s Breakfast TV and thought you made some brilliant points against an academic who despite wanting too, actually admitted that he did push his children towards better things – he was rumbled! You looked great – you must have been in the BBC make up chair at 6am – does this officially make you a celeb?!!!

  • Pauline

    Oh, I missed it! Advance warning next time, please. 🙂

    I read Bryan Caplan’s article in the Times (Saturday?), agreed with some of it and fumed at other bits. If I were forced at gunpoint to choose either Bryan Caplan’s laissez-faire approach to child-rearing or scary Amy Chua’s Tiger Mother method, I’d be stumped. Thankfully, most of us muddle along somewhere in the middle, nagging about homework and piano practice, but tolerant of pizza and Angry Birds.

  • Pauline

    PS – oh, and Chris Hollins CAN’T dance (the Charleston doesn’t count).

  • Thanks, Diddy and Julie!

    Pauline, I wager that Mrs Professor is busy at home hothousing their three kids whilst Dad is out and about talking guff.
    And yes you are absolutely right about Chris Hollins, he can’t dance. I think I just came over all sequin-eyed when I saw him in person.

    Anna May x

  • Molly Elizabeth

    I agree with Julie and thought you were brilliant… and your boots were fantastic!!! For those who missed it you will be pleased to hear that it is on bbc i player to watch at your leisure! x

  • Ginny Willis

    Sorry I missed you Anna May – you really must give us “commenters” advance notice as to when you are going to appear…….please please pretty please.

    Where do I find it on iPlayer? When I looked it said it was unavailable.

  • Molly, thank you for enjoying my boots! Very Pirates of the Caribbean don’t you think?

    Ginny, I think it only stayed on BBC iplayer for 24 hours. It was all over in a flash – you didn’t miss much, believe me.

    Anna May x

  • Oh BUM, I wish I’d seen your guff-busting 🙁