US Preacher Harold Camping predicted that yesterday, May 21st,  ‘Rapture Hour’ would occur and the word would come to an end.

I am very glad the Apocalypse turned out to be Apocalate because my book ‘Me and Mine’ goes on sale July 7th and it would have been a real shame for the world to have missed that……

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  • Ginny Willis

    I have it on order for months from Amazon. I cannot believe it is just six and a half weeks away from the release. Will you be doing a book signing as I would love to meet you to get my copy signed?

    I am so glad Apocalypse did not come to fruition as I would hate to have left this world without reading ‘Me and Mine’.

  • Very good point. I’m still waiting for a publishing deal and definitely wouldn’t want to miss that.

    Looking forward to reading your book 🙂

  • Diddy

    bring it on – your book not the apocalypse

  • Debbie

    The Apocalypse is now going to happen in October – loads of time to buy your book and read it before the end of the world.

  • Ginny, thank you for pre-ordering. I SO hope you like it !

    Karen, I waited thirty years. You are BOUND to do better than that. Good Luck!

    Diddy – will do!

    Debbie, your time management skills are second to none. Big tick for moving the Apocalypse to make room for ‘Me and Mine’.

    Anna May x

  • sarah davis

    Hi i have jusy finished reading a proof of ‘me and mine’ for a website ‘love that book’ ( in association with Bookseller) and i loved it- it was funny, sad, moving and so human well done

  • Anna May

    Hello Sarah and welcome,

    Thank you so much for reading the book and talking the time to comment. I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled you enjoyed ‘Me and Mine’ and am sending you a virtual hug as you are my first reviewer, and you have made my day/week/month!

    Anna May x

  • sarah davis

    many thanks for the virtual hug – i look forward to enjoying more of your writing Sarah x

  • Pauline

    I was desperate to exchange contracts before the world ended. Finally exchanged on the 25th and completed on the 27th – a stressful week, so I could do with reading a ‘funny, sad, moving and human’ book, and am now grumpy that I have to wait until July. Some people are never happy… 😉

  • Anna May

    Pauline, I was wondering where you had disappeared to! I wish you good health and great times in your new home.

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    “Me & Mine” – great title and very excited about the publication date. Well done, I hope you’re onto the next one already. It’ll be weird to go into a bookshop and see YOUR book on the shelf. I’d love that!