Tiaras, Tears and Reindeer Hats

Catherine Middleton is no commoner. Compared to the actual blue bloods on parade at Westminster Abbey today she had more poise, dignity and  modesty than any of them.  Her dress was divine, her Mum was a super heroine  to keep her composure and her oh-so-proud  Dad was adorable.

And talking of commoners. Commonest was plus one Sally Bercow whose dress was so low cut she looked like she was a wet nurse on call. Sam Cam dressed for a quick pop to John Lewis for a spot of shopping and a bite of lunch. Victoria Beckham was Adams familyesque and daren’t smile in case she cracked her make up mask. Her circus shoes were fun, though.

I hope Beatrice and Eugenie manage to get hook a couple of short sighted Hooray Henrys  very soon because they are getting less eligible by the hour. Beatrice was wearing an outfit apparently inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Her reindeer hat should have had  WTF?  sculpted in it. Eugenie must have eaten all the easter eggs because her made to measure Vivienne Westwood dress was two sizes too small.

Do I think it was a soppy, smiley way to pass five hours? Yes. Do I now have sofa  rash?  I do.

7 comments to Tiaras, Tears and Reindeer Hats

  • *Laughs long and hard*

    I wasn’t planning to watch at all and got completely sucked in; found it oddly moving. Kate was the classiest bird there by far, while Harry seemed almost like a real person.

    There were a surprisingly unfascinating amount of fascinators – Posh Spice looked like hers had crash-landed on her forehead, but I liked the colour.

    All in all a rather splendid do 🙂

  • Agree, agree, agree. And no one can answer my question: why was Victoria Beckham wearing such a dark, plain dress? I hear she designed it herself. Was that with her eyes closed?

  • Julie

    I loved the Royal Wedding – like a marathon reality TV show that went on and on and on. I laughed, I cried (a bit given Diana should have been there), I howled with laughter and grimaced at the outfits – not bad for a Friday morning before midday. I had lunch with 10 female colleagues and ALL we talked about was the wedding – fantastic.

  • Pauline

    Anna May, spot on – and I love the way we are all dutifully calling Kate Catherine now, as per royal decree. Karen, me too! My daughter and I were intending to watch just the beginning (merely to see ‘the dress’ and critique the guests’ outfits), but watched the ceremony too and got swept along with it all.

    You’ve got to feel sorry for Beatrice and Eugenie, since bad taste must be genetic, but why did nobody tell them that they looked like pantomime dames? My daughter and I looked at each other and said, simultaneously, ‘Cinderella’.

  • Jan

    I actually thought that Beatrice was rather brave dressing up in antlers. As she was amongst the deer hunting classes she could easily have been shot.

  • Debbie

    I loved loved loved the wedding – everything about it was just fantastic.
    The way my friend & I were dressed up and glugging pink bubbly, you would think it was us getting married.

    Apart from Beatrice and Eugenie, I thought Posh’s dress was very bland and boring. This is the woman who is personal friends with Dolce & Gabanna and has her own fashion lable. You could almost forgive the two princesses but not Posh.

    I do want to know the brand of “suck-me-in” knickers that Pippa wore because there was no lump, bump or vpl… I want a pair.

  • Karen, my three daughters vote for Harry over William every time. Don’t see the attraction myself but I’m sure he’d say the same about me….

    Fran, I thought VB’s dress looked like a tablecloth with a hole for the head, and as for the joke shoes….

    Welcome A_Flama! Catherine has got a lottal class.

    Pauline, will those sisters ever live down their frocky horrors?

    Jan, very funny comment!

    Hi Debbie, I know! Just where were Pippa’s dimples?
    Anna May x