Rods and Bods and Orange

It’s been one of those weeks where my bottom and the corner of the sofa (blog HQ) haven’t been in contact much. I blame Groupon – the discount deals site that is beating my credit card senseless. Scuba Diving, Teeth Whitening, A  Thames Speedboat Ride, Zorbit Balling, two haircuts, three massages and a fish pedicure are  my most recent purchases. Yes, it’s all about essentials.

We had Dyno-Rod out this week.  I won’t scar your consciousness by telling you why – and if all else fails for Tess Daly she can get a job handling the drain suckering equipment –  she’s already got the uniform…….

8 comments to Rods and Bods and Orange

  • Ginny Willis

    OMG. Are you really going to do all that? Do let me know if the teeth whitening works. I hope that you can swim well enough to cope with all those water sports!!!

  • I was reading about Groupon in the paper yesterday – a couple had a posh wedding with all the trimmings for £2000 after buying a voucher. Am off to check it out.

    (Does anyone look good in bright orange?)

  • Julie

    I like Tess Daly but her orange outfit was dire. Has she become a kwik fit fitter or a Moonie? you sound SO busy – you must look gorgeous with all those treatments.

  • Jan

    I must be sooo out of touch because I have no idea what Tess Daly and an orange outfit means. Still found it funny though and am now off to Google ‘Tess Daly orange outfit.’

  • Jan

    Haha even funnier now I’ve seen it!

  • Pauline

    Tut-tut, Anna May – you’ve been reading the Daily Fail online again… That orange jumpsuit at least proves that Tess has some kind of creative input into the dire rags she wears on Strictly. She cannot blame others now.

    Mind you, I spotted another article on the site that offers a contrasting view of what to wear on the red carpet – Kara Tointon looking stunning in an outfit that is cleverly sculpted from the red carpet itself.

  • Debbie Mohess

    At last – a dose of Annaymay Madness… I was on verge of seeking counselling for my withdrawal symptons I was experiencing from no new stories. My sanity has been restored 🙂

    I can’t say I like Tess’s orange suit but if I looked like I lived on a lettuce leaf a day, I would wear what I wanted to including that suit. She is so thin she could with a hearty meal.

  • Ginny, Actionwoman and me – separated at birth……

    Karen, they should offer discount grooms, too!

    Julie and Jan, Orange is best for drinking methinks…..

    Debbie, I suppose it’s f-f-f-fashion, but the colour gives me sinus ache

    Pauline, guilty as charged I’ve been surfing the pictures on the DM website again. I think I might be addicted. Pot Calling Kettle Black though! Loved Kara’s red dress.

    Anna May x