Six Boots – One Style

I found my perfect boots in Holland –

If I tell you what my husband said when I put them on, “Why are you dressed like a Hungarian folk dancer?” and share my fashionista daughter number three’s comment  “I see Wonderwoman’s got herself  a wok”  (I was stir frying tofu at the time) do you get a mental picture of them?

They are Bordeaux red so when I spill wine on them it’s ne pas a problem, knee high and criss cross laced up the front with a walkable height wedge heel.  Kate Moss would not covet them.

But my two best friends did, and  got themselves a pair each. Which is how we found ourselves sat in a row at a Quiz Night in matching boots being laughed at  by the crowd when a question popped up about The Three Musketeers.

4 comments to Six Boots – One Style

  • Debbie

    Yay for red boots – glad you finally found a pair (even if winter is almost over). I know there is a funny boot type response in there but can’t think of any so will just go with “Debs woz ‘ere”.

  • Ginny Willis

    I couldn,t think of anything to say either so thought I would quote the following poem:
    Red Cowboy Boots, by Sandra S Corona, Sunday, May 18, 2003

    Country women don’t wait for an invitation!

    Red cowboy boots, spurs on his heels, sashaying o’er the floor. It’s a country hoe-down . . . come on and dosido. Shuffle those cowboy boots
    on out the door. Red cowboy hat, a golden scarf with a bollero tie . . .you rugged, handsome dude! I’m glad he caught me eye. Look how he tends to ride . . .whoa . . . what a guy. Red cowboy boots, with downcast eyes, when will I have a chance? Are you sincerely shy? You’ve stolen each gal’s heart.
    May I have the honor . . . of the last dance?

    Oh that sounds so sweet Anna May – do you think she was referring to you and your handsome husband? xx

  • Debbie

    Aaaah so sweet and just in time for Valentine’s Day too.

  • Anna May

    ‘Debs woz ‘ere ? ‘ Sounds like you’re in bovver boots, Debs!

    Ginny, mine are very far from cowboy boots – but what the heck – your poem was fanatbulous! Thank you for that. And yes my husband is dishy I have to agree, but I dance alone. He hates it.

    Anna May x