Pastille Protocol

Went to see Clybourne Park at the theatre tonight -it was  hilarious and  thought tangling.

Being very civic spirited I had pre-wrapped my fruit pastilles (eliminating the green ones which I detest) in  clingfilm so I could get at them without rustle and then suck them noiselessly during the performance. I  certainly know how to enjoy myself.

Anyway, just before curtain up I rummaged in my bag and realised I had left the boogers at home and exclaimed to my husband “I don’t believe it!”

A giant tut propelled by a huge sigh filled the stalls. It came from the seat in front of me. Sat there was a clearly irritated Richard Wilson,  the very off dutyVictor Meldrew himself .  Flustered I tried to tell him my remark was about pastilles and not him starting with a, “Yes but no….but…..”

 Curtain up saved me from further catchphrase crisis.

7 comments to Pastille Protocol

  • bobbie

    Wonderful! x

  • Jan

    Haha – only you x

  • Julie

    he must have this said to him 100 times a day so I wouldn’t worry. ‘m more worried that you wrap your sweeties in cling film at home and then transport them to the theatre. Is this normal?

  • Ginny Willis

    You really must stop buying the expensive theatre seats. Also stop upgrading yourself. Back row seats are much more interesting¬¬¬!!

  • I’m deeply impressed by your pastille courtesy – it should be standard policy in theatres and cinemas everywhere.

    Poor Richard – he’ll never shake off Victor Meldrew.

  • Yes, like Julie, I am much more worried about the pastille-wrapping habit. Do you do the same with Smarties or Tic-Tacs or M & Ms? Do you get through a lot of cling?

  • Richard/Victor is such an ego. He made it all about him when really it was about my fruit pastilles.

    And to Julie, Karen and Fran I defend my little clingfilm courtesy….. I was taught to do that at my Swiss finishing school 😉

    Anna May x