Boils and Cabbages

Just seen a couple tongue fencing at the bus stop. He had a problem with neck boils and she was wearing fishnets with sandals and clutching a heart shaped helium balloon that read ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.

I stood and stared a while and then went on my way to the fruit and veg shop.  In there they had a special offer on sweetheart cabbages and were playing ‘Love to Love Ya Baby’ on a loop.

Alright, I admit it. I’m a nomantic.

5 comments to Boils and Cabbages

  • Debbie

    I’m right there with you being a nomantic!

  • You should have taken the guy a sweetheart cabbage. A nice poultice of cabbage leaves could have sorted his neck boils out something rotten.

  • Pauline

    Spoilsport! I’m thrilled that even a man with neck boils can find true love, even if his inamorata is in danger of being arrested by the fashion police. It is proof, if proof were needed, that even the most unprepossessing of us can find a soul-mate.

    Sigh. My name is Pauline and I am a shameless romantic. 😀

  • Anna May

    Fran, your poultice suggestion sure brought back memories…… after I delivered twins my milk engorged breasts swelled up to my collar bone and my mum turned up at the hospital and packed them in cabbage leaves!

    Pauline – guilty as charged. Valentines Day and all the tat that goes with it awakens my inner sourpuss.

    Debbie, watch out for Pauline – she’s one of THEM.

    Anna May x

  • Debbie

    Oh no Pauline – come over to the dark side. We have loads of fun laughing at suckers wasting their money over priced flowers.