To One and All

“Great News, Anna May. Paul and Beth are still very rich!”

That’s what my husband exclaimed when he read yesterday’s Round Robin from a couple we barely know who took the trouble to describe to us (and numerous others on their Round Robin print run I’m sure) their year in purchases. We were treated to a comprehensive list of holidays, cars and even their full  to bursting calendar of arts, entertainment and dining highlights. 

And in an extra effort to be seasonally charming there was a full frontal picture of their luxuriously appointed Christmas tree, along with the name of the company who had supplied and decorated it.

Who killed Round Robin? Me with half a chance.

5 comments to To One and All

  • Julie

    Round Robins are excrutiating- I’m with you! I always want to send a rude reply back – what ever happened to personal letters written for a person about the person?!! Bah humbug. I get twitter is a very of a round robin in a funny way – I don’t even twitter as i can’t imagine writing to people I don’t know – just realised this is EXACTLY what I’m doing here!

  • Pauline

    Thanks to everybody for their kind remarks about my limericks. It must be hereditary, as my Dad sent a poem to his friends a few years ago, in lieu of the traditional round robin. The final verse read:

    This Christmas time, for Scrooge’s sake
    Here’s some free frank advice to take –
    Give your friends an even break,
    It won’t be all that hard.
    Pour yourself a glass of wine,
    Write that final, witty line,
    Then shove it where the sun don’t shine
    And send a proper card.

  • Ha ha Pauline – I love it!

    If I sent a Round Robin this year it would be a rant about the fact that our kitchen still isn’t finished five months down the line, and there’d be lots of swearing. At least no one would be envious.

  • Julie, you are much too polite to fire off a round robin, I’m sure…..

    Pauline,I was getting unseasonally irritated about that round robin thingy and you and your dad made me laugh out loud so thanks for that.

    Karen, FIVE months? That must be one helluva kitchen!

    Anna May

  • Ginny Willis

    To Karen: You must have gone to B&Q. I did and mine took SIX months! I am still getting over the stress of it all. I do hope that it will be ready for Christmas. Mine wasn’t. They started on 27 November and I was told it would take about seven days. Everything that was delivered was damaged and had to be reordered…….I won’t bore you with the whole story but I do wish you well.

    WEll, I must close now as this is Anna May’s page and not mine.