Question Time

There are more questions than answers after this week’s Strictly:

Why was Pamela swingathon-ing in clogs?

Should Matt get exorcised before the final so he can concentrate on dancing and not winning?

Can I have a big night out  in with Heartem?

Was Katya growling “Get away from the mirror!” at Gavin during rehearsals the funniest TV moment of the year?

Who cared that Scott was always tttttired ?

GUESS what I found in my fridge last night when I went to get a wedge of Blacksticks Blue cheese to go with my poppyseed crackers for my mid Strictly snack?  TAKE THAT !!!!!! Yes the pop group. All of them. Really.

Well not so much really. But they were absobloodylutely everywhere else this weekend weren’t they?

9 comments to Question Time

  • Pauline

    You can certainly have a big night in with Artem, but form an orderly queue, please. I gorged on Strictly this week-end, Anna May, and have regurgitated it all in more limericks. I know that’s a horrible analogy, but this limerick bug is catching.

    I loved Katya admonishing Gavin about the mirror:

    It’s certainly true that the samba is hard
    So Katya made sure Gavin’s mirror was barred.
    His buttock gyrations
    Gave me palpitations
    But will he get votes if he plays the Welsh card?

    And poor tired Scott:

    Scott and Nat make a fine Strictly pair
    Though their tango just wasn’t quite there.
    While dear Nat gyrated
    Our Scott simply waited
    And I fell asleep in my chair.

    Matt has to get it together, that’s true:

    Though Matt Baker was good from the start,
    That was only a salsa in part.
    I guess he’s no actor;
    It lacked the ‘wow’ factor.
    Now he really must dance from the heart.

    Absolutely hated the bloody swingathon:

    For the semi, three dances to master;
    In the swing they must all perform faster.
    I felt my jaw drop –
    “It’s all over the shop!”
    What a messy, shambolic disaster.

    And finally, a plea:

    That beautiful rumba brought tears to my eyes.
    I’ve watched and re-watched it (well, that’s no surprise).
    You know it makes sense
    To spend twenty-five pence:
    Vote for Kara to pick up that Glitterball prize!

  • Pauline, you have excelled yourself this week ! So agree with you about Kara’s Rumba being glorious and particularly enjoyed your pairing of ‘gyrations’ and ‘palpitations’.
    When Strictly is done next week I’m going to miss your limericks as much as the dancing 🙁

    Anna May x

  • Funniest moment for me was when asked about her highlights of competing in Strictly, Katya said she had learnt patience.

  • Debbie

    Gosh – there is so much, I don’t know where to start…

    Pauline – the limericks are fabulous as ever 🙂

    I don’t why Pamela was gullumping in trainers but it looked naff.
    My three favourites are in the finals but I’m not sure who to back – luckily I don’t like gambling as it would cost me a fortune to place three bets!

    One MASSIVE give away that the results show are not live is the impossibility of Take That legging it from the BBC studios to ITV’s for two telly performances.

    Dear old national treasure Brucie’s jokes were a DISASTER and what was with the thee little bears song?

  • Julie

    Artem is so lovely and his teeth are so sparkly – bet his Mum got him braces given his gnashers. Gav is a really nice man – can’t dance for toffee but very sweet. I predict he’ll be back with Charlotte C. in the New Year.

    Pauline – your limericks are great, keep ’em coming!
    As for Take That, they were EVERYWHERE but they are good. don’t get me going on the X Factor….

  • Ginny Willis

    It must be my age but I never watch the X-Factor.

    I think I favour Kara to win but I suppose I should be sticking up for Pamela as she is in the same age-bracket as me.

    I just love the Welsh accent so I will be missing Gavin for his voice and not his dancing.

    I wonder what continuing saga Anna-May will come up with post Strictly but hope it is not the ice thing as I never watch that. However, I suppose I will have to if I have no other choice.

  • Jan

    Yes Anna I wondered about Pamela’s clogs. She looked so clumpy in them. I definitely want Kara to win but people love a game old bird like Pamela and I suppose it would be one up for us slightly older women.

  • Pauline you are a superstar!! *Takes hat off*

    I want Matt to win because I luuuurve him, though he might not be the best dancer. Total Take That overload though – I knew every word of The Flood off by heart by Sunday.

  • Anna May

    Sophie, hahaha – that ‘patience’ comment was TV gold !

    Debbie – it’s a shambles, rubbish Brucie, gallumping grannies and the omnipresent Take That….but I love Strictly most when it’s silly.

    Julie, everything about Heartem is perfect.

    Jan, a clog dancing grannie is an inspiration to us all….I think?

    Karen, Matt has got a nice crooked smile but is too much of a dancing desperado for my taste….

    Anna May x