I did some late shopping tonight and dashed into a shop called Tiger just before they closed the doors. I bought some diamante fridge magnets, a pair of glow in the dark heart shaped glasses (gotta keep the passion alive after 27 years) and an airtight tin for my poppyseed crackers, all in double quick time.

When I approached the till the assistant was stood all alone and dancing. Hands, arms and feet were moving  and his eyes were closed – this guy was really grooving.

“Someone’s happy that it’s almost home time” I remarked as I put my basket down.

His answer took me by surprise. It defined the current recession.   No sarcasm, no irony, just a broad smile and “I’m dancing because I am so happy to have a job!”

6 comments to Jobsworth

  • Diamante fridge magnets? There’s posh!

    I like the idea of gratefully grooving assistants. Much nicer than being mumbled at by an oik.

  • Diddy

    i’m a cream cracker man

  • Jan

    Ah that is so sweet. By the way I love Tiger – so much stuff I never knew I wanted

  • Ginny Willis

    I love Tiger too – were you in the one near me? It is my next favourite shop next to TKMaxx and just above Wilkinsons. A new W’s has opened in Harrow and the staff there are FANTASTIC!!!

    I am off at 9am in the morning to get some of those magnets.

  • Debbie

    What a fabulous idea – diamante fridge magnets!
    Must get some 🙂

  • Anna May

    Karen, Ginny, Debbie – I note you are all ATTRACTED to my magnets!

    Diddy – your tastebuds are letting you down. Poppyseed all the way.

    Jan, love that ‘so much stuff I didn’t know I wanted’ remark- it’s that thinking which keeps dancing chap in a job…..

    Anna May x