Glitterballs and Greetings

It was as if  Matt and Kara had run away to join the circus and forgot all about being in Strictly. The two show dances were really just show off  dances of  their (considerable) acrobatic skills. And Pamela’s was all about nobody puts Granny in the corner.

It was the best Strictly season ever. Next year it could only be improved if Richard Madeley signs up. Or Gav comes back for another go. I think Kara won it already when she cried just talking about Heartem before she had completed her dances. I voted for  them because it was just  so sweet watching the two of them falling a lot more in love each Saturday night.

My New Year resolution is to take dancing classes. I asked my husband if  he’d  come with me. His answer? “I’d rather stick hot needles into my glitterballs” and then “But I will if you want me to.” A Heartem to call my own.

For  everyone who reads this blog I wish you the most wonderful Christmas and hope that 2011 is very good to you. See you next year.


6 comments to Glitterballs and Greetings

  • Ginny Willis

    Oh, your husband is so sweet – not many husbands would take dancing lessons with their wife!!

    I am going to watch the finals on catch-up so as I can fast forward the boring bits and we all know what they are. Oh no you don’t, oh yes we do.

    I am all ready for a panto now but can’t get out in this snow. Do you think last night’s programme was recorded as I can’t imagine how anyone got there in the snow. It took me three hours to get from Ruislip to Harrow (12noon to 3pm) because there were no trains and buses running on that route.

    Wishing you and your followers a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

  • Jan

    Yay Kara, the right woman won. But I am an old cynic and don’t believe that they are having a relationship. It’s all hype I’m sure.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year Anna May x

  • Pauline

    I agree, Anna May – best series EVAH! But the final was played out too nervously for it to reflect what the finalists could really do, plus Kara tearing the ligaments in her arm in that showdance hampered her in the following dances. Forget the dancing, who wouldn’t vote for them after Kara’s VT and Artem’s woobie face? Aw bless! Happy Christmas to you and your own Heartem. Final limerick:

    Yahoo! They have won! I’m ecstatic with glee.
    It’s a fairytale ending, fellow fans will agree.
    Kara’s simply the best,
    She’s ahead of the rest
    And, at long last, my Saturday nights will be free.

  • Strictly has been enhanced this year by your wonderful updates and Pauline’s fab limericks – I’ll miss it all!

    Kara was a worthy winner and I’ll be scouring the ‘sleb mags now for updates on her relationship with Artem 🙂

  • Ginny, I think it was a live show and that those people lucky enough to get tickets would have skiied in if they had to! Or been airlifted in Widdecombe style.

    Jan, don’t be such a bah humbug – it’s strictly LOVE ! Heartem and Kara will have a baby boy and all him Brucie…..

    Pauline, Thanks for all the BRILLIANT limericks that were so much fun and I love your word ‘woobie’.

    Karen, thank you – it was great having you along!

    Anna May x

  • Julie

    when I saw Goldie in the line up on Saturday it made me realise how long the series has been going on! Too long! It’s my first “full” watching of it. Brucie needs to go, Tess seriously needs a hairdresser and Hearten is just lovely and fab dancer. Kara was very good too.