Dance the Fight Fantastic

If Gav gets his skates on he might be able get the hat-trick and win X Factor and Choir of the Year 2010 as well as Strictly. After all that he can have a nice rest in The Priory. He makes being deluded so cute and so orange.

Couldn’t see the full marks in Pamela and James’s dance which was a teensy bit – dare I say it – dull?  And Pamela’s weekly ever so ‘umble antics are, as Len might say, ‘getting on my wick’.

There were eight legs in Kara and Heartem’s dance. Four too many. Would Roxanne really have fannied about with a kitchen chair? But once they got going it was very obvious that Heartem was fibbing when he claimed they are waiting until after the series to  be a couple. The hips don’t lie.

My prediction for the results show? Anne got plenty of heave-ho tonight and it’ll be the leave-ho for her tomorrow. And that Sccccoooootttttt has stttttttopppppped believing.

9 comments to Dance the Fight Fantastic

  • Ooh I agree with everything you say. I’d be disgruntled if Gavin won though – he relies on that six-pack a tad too much. Maybe I’m just jealous because I haven’t got one.

    Looking forward to this week’s limerick 🙂

  • Pauline

    I enjoyed the show and agree with your summary, Anna May. Spot on.

    Two limericks for the price of one? From the sublime to the ridiculous:

    Kara looked stunning – face, costume and hair
    But I hated that faffing around with the chair.
    The dance was a beauty
    And Artem’s a cutie
    But a showmance is tacky – I wouldn’t go there!

    While the band played a fine ‘Hello Dolly’,
    Anton pushed Widdy round like a trolley.
    They eschewed ‘hilarious’
    And went for ‘nefarious’;
    To vote for that rot would be folly.

  • Ginny Willis

    Claudia. Please do your own make up and not let Patsy’s make-up artist do it……..far too much. You are still my favourite.

  • Ginny Willis

    This one is for Scott. I hate his ‘Beckham’ voice. He needs to drop the pitch a few octaves and sound more masculine. I still wouldn’t fancy him though. Ian Waite is still the one for me – pleeeeeze bring him back.

  • Anna May

    Karen, No I don’t want Gav to win either. I just want him to keep thinking he will because it’s so sweet…….

    Pauline, you are spoiling us with TWO great limericks. My favourite of all the words you used is ‘showmance’ – wish I’d thought of that! And your final line in the second one turned out to be a prophecy. Spooooooky.
    PLEASE keep them coming!

    Ginny, you HAVE to get over Ian. Face it, he left you! x

    Anna May x

  • Debbie

    Pauline – your limericks are brilliant, with Strictly almost over (SOB) what other topic will you use?

  • Anna May

    DEBBIE! Welcome, welcome back. Where have you been ? And yes I agree, the limericks make Strictly even more fun.
    Anna May x

  • Ginny Willis

    Here here Anna May – up with the limericks Pauline and up with Anna May’s Writing News………I just love it and cannot wait for each new episode.

  • Pauline, you should produce a Strictly Limerick Book – I’d buy it!