999 nowotimean?

PLEASE don’t just read this but click on the link in the story to hear it, too.


6 comments to 999 nowotimean?

  • Jan

    I aint bein’ funny or nuffink but they should be locked up and everyfink, know what I mean?

  • Diddy


  • Ginny Willis

    I aint bein’ funny or niffink either but do Kentish people really speak like that – I always thought they were all educated in that county. Whatever next!!

  • Julie

    Dear God – what’s wrong with this woman? It did make me laugh though,

  • Anna May

    ….teaspoons for ears? Sounds more sputnik than snowman to me!

    Anna May x

  • I’m desperate to ring the police and claim to be a Kentish snowman who’s owner has been nicked when I weren’t lookin’