Glitterballs and Greetings

It was as if Matt and Kara had run away to join the circus and forgot all about being in Strictly. The two show dances were really just show off dances of their (considerable) acrobatic skills. And Pamela’s was all about nobody puts Granny in the corner.

It was the best Strictly season ever. Next […]

Question Time

There are more questions than answers after this week’s Strictly:

Why was Pamela swingathon-ing in clogs?

Should Matt get exorcised before the final so he can concentrate on dancing and not winning?

Can I have a big night out in with Heartem?

Was Katya growling “Get away from the mirror!” at Gavin during rehearsals the […]


I did some late shopping tonight and dashed into a shop called Tiger just before they closed the doors. I bought some diamante fridge magnets, a pair of glow in the dark heart shaped glasses (gotta keep the passion alive after 27 years) and an airtight tin for my poppyseed crackers, all in double quick […]

To One and All

“Great News, Anna May. Paul and Beth are still very rich!”

That’s what my husband exclaimed when he read yesterday’s Round Robin from a couple we barely know who took the trouble to describe to us (and numerous others on their Round Robin print run I’m sure) their year in purchases. We were treated to […]

999 nowotimean?

PLEASE don’t just read this but click on the link in the story to hear it, too.

Dance the Fight Fantastic

If Gav gets his skates on he might be able get the hat-trick and win X Factor and Choir of the Year 2010 as well as Strictly. After all that he can have a nice rest in The Priory. He makes being deluded so cute and so orange.

Couldn’t see the full marks in Pamela […]