Strictly Balls and Bedsheets

It was a wobbly weekend on Strictly. Pamela looked doughty and now a doubtful winner. Anne was a flopper girl and my guess is  she’s running out of old gal power, and as for poor Michelle – it was like watching an ironing board waltz. Gavin had a ball. Yes, really he did.  And he finally proved that his brain and his tush are connected….a bumthrough!  Ssssccccottttt’s face told me  he wanted to scoot before the music for his dance even started last night. Maybe he still has mucous from last week.

I have questions. Why did Tess look at though she ‘d jumped out of bed and ran to the Strictly set wound up in a pink bedsheet? And could someone please tell Alesha that it would be wicked if she lost the 80’s style big hair and shiny lips?  Oh, and can a bolero ever look good on a man?

8 comments to Strictly Balls and Bedsheets

  • Debbie

    Strictly is starting to lose it’s X Factor…. bored bored bored…

  • Jan

    I really look forward to your comments on the show. You make me laugh almost as much as Anne W but for a different reason. She makes me feel better about myself – knowing there is someone out there who is more awkward on the dance floor than I am.

  • I was surprised Michelle wasn’t voted off to be honest. Poor Jimi was clearly gutted. Loved Patsy channelling Kylie – she actually looked like her at one point.

  • Ginny Willis

    I agree – I am very bored……I much prefer the 6.30pm daily roundup with Claudia. Much nicer than wasting a couple of hours on a Saturday evening. Even Anna May sounds bored with it. She much prefers her strange massages!!!

  • Julie

    Strictly going downhill and fast. the judges looked bored, Tess looks and sounds like she’s wondered onto a set at the BBC and Widders need to stop answering back as she’s not endearing when she’s this stroppy. Jimmy looked amazed he’d was off – the man needed to Sky+ it and watch himself! It’s dull, dull, dull but as Craig would say but compelling all the same!

  • Pauline

    I confess I am loving this series, although I sincerely hope it won’t be defined as the ‘Widdy one’.

    Anna May, it is a shame that the Quality Street designers have descended on Tess again – do you remember a particularly frightful gold number from a couple of years ago that made her look like a big toffee? Last week she was a hazelnut and this week a vanilla fudge. But it got worse on Sunday, when her dress was so bizarre I couldn’t decide whether she had come as an ostrich or Big Bird.

  • Pauline

    Oh, and I beat you to it re Gavin with my Strictly limerick:

    After Gavin had showed us his all,
    Katya learned how to dive in a maul.
    By Jimbo! By Gad!
    The fellow’s not bad!
    Well, he looks like he’s having a ball

  • Debbie,maybe it is getting boring. But that’s not reason not to watch it!

    Jan, you just can’t be as bad as Widders, she spends most of her time SAT on the dance floor after all.

    Karen, I reckon there was only a single vote between Jimi and Michelle…..

    Ginny, It Takes Two is compulsory viewing in this house, it’s such fun.

    Julie, Craig would say “Dull,dull,dull daaaarrrrllling.”

    This week’s Gold Star goes to you for your fabulouso Gavin Limerick. I expect at least one every week from this date forward, please. And an an extra pat on the back for resurrecting the word ‘jimbo’… it, love it, love it.
    Do one for Tess and use the word mess if she appears in that pigeon outfit again.

    Anna May x