Problem: According to today’s press it takes Kelly Brook for hours, no,  FOUR hours to get ready to go out and she twuly twuly wants that to change.

Solution A: Get a shift on, Kelly! 

Solution B: Hypnosis at a  Private Clinic in La-La Street, Media Vale, London.

…….and it took Kelly several hours to choose Solution B and she is currently getting ready for yesterday’s appointment.

5 comments to Ready?

  • Ginny Willis

    She wants to try some of the massages that you have reported on recently – they would get her going!!

  • If that’s all she’s got to worry about she’s bloody lucky!

    It probably should take me longer than four hours to get ready, but I can’t afford the plastic surgery.

  • Julie

    Miaoww! Kelly Brook looks good and has the time and money so what do we care?! She might come across as a bit thick but so what? four hours does sound a lot but I’m sure doing other stuff too. No, I am not in her fan club, in fact I don’t even know what she’s done or is – is she model or on the TV?

  • Pauline

    All I know about Kelly Brook is that she appeared on Strictly, irritated me and then retired from the show when her father died, leaving me feeling vaguely guilty about having been irritated.

    What about Solution C, Anna May? Stop reading the sort of newspaper that thinks this kind of tosh is news. *Sniffs*

  • Anna May

    Ginny, those massages would ruffle her hair and make her all sweaty and then it would take her even longer to get ready…..

    Karen, I am sure you are just being modest and are delicious in no time when you’re getting ready

    Julie, I think you doth proteth too much….does it take you 5 hours to get ready ?

    Pauline, I know, I know ! I twuly want to change. I’m a Daily Mail website addict and a lowbrow. I need a hypnotist. Maybe Kelly Brook could recommend one?

    Anna May x