Motor Mouth

“I have to get to Tesco!”  That’s what a disabled driver shouted after knocking down an elderly couple with her mobility scooter.

Every little loony helps.

4 comments to Motor Mouth

  • Julie

    the driver should find a 24 hour one to go so he or she isn’t such a rush. Maybe he clubcard points were about to expire? Perhaps the driver should add some tesco car insurance to the shopping list.

  • Pauline

    LOL. Mobility scooters (I just mistyped ‘nobility’ scooters, which couldn’t be more inappropriate) are a nightmare. Any damn fool over the age of 14 can buy one on e-bay and take to the road – no tax, no insurance, no tuition. It’s about time they were regulated, but it’s unlikely to happen when the Government still quaintly refers to them as ‘invalid carriages’.

  • What I can’t believe is when I see them in the roads, careering down the highway with the rest of the traffic, albeit keeping near the kerb. Do they WANT to die?

  • …….and the only concession to road safety is a knitted hat!
    Anna May x