Happy to Help?

“Can you explain what you mean by personal? Is it a below the waist matter?”

“Could you please go home and make an appointment on the internet?”

“No you don’t have an appointment even though yes you did book one”

Another mouthed the word ‘No’ at me, shook her head and stabby pointed to the clock on the wall that said two minutes to two. We both stared into the middle distance for 120 seconds until the clock struck  2pm. Then she pinned on  a badge  that read ‘Pam is Happy to Help’, smiled, and said “Hello. Sorry about before. I was on my lunch break.”

For all those reasons above and many, many more I am delighted that Doctor’s receptionists may be getting the heave ho and that the booking of appointments might be  taken over by compassionate computers.


6 comments to Happy to Help?

  • Oh I’m so with you on this. Ours behaves as though doctors shouldn’t be disturbed at all, especially not by people with nasty little ailments.

    The amount of times I’ve been told ‘no appointments til the 24th century, sorry,’ only to be told, ‘oh, I s’pose he could see you in a minute then,’ when I’ve tearfully insisted it’s an emergency. GRRRRRRRR!

  • Jan

    I always feel that I’m being told off by my doctor’s receptionists and I agree that they do not like Doctor to be disturbed. And perhaps a computer would make slightly more eye contact. But if there is one thing less personal than a doctor’s receptionist it is a call centre. So good luck to us all

  • Roisin

    Snooty receptionists are always called Pam.

  • Diddy

    They MAKE me sick

  • Ginny Willis

    They are all lovely at my surgery. You must try them out!!

  • Julie

    deary me you’re all having terrible experiences with receptionists. I agree with all the comments which is a shame. I love to do the job for a day thought as I am nosey so would love to know people’s ailments. they need me doing triage over the phone.